Reviewing: The Whispers

Elaborating: so far. There’s only three episodes left and I feel like I know how this will end, but there have been a few twists I haven’t seen coming. Also: spoilers.

To start at the beginning, when the previews came out it was around the same time as Wayward Pines and honestly I thought they were the same thing. Wayward Pines didn’t catch my attention…but that’s for some other time. Eventually we realized it’s a different show.

The show starts off pretty good for a good 4-5 episodes. Only the kids (I’d say 10 and under) can talk to this invisible entity named “Drill” to which most of the adults just pass off as an imaginary friend. Drill is able to convince them to do things they would never do to gain something in return. An example would be the little girl from the previews, Harper (Abby Ryder Fortson), talking to Drill about something he wants her to do, in exchange he would give her something. Harper’s father works a lot and wanted him to be home more, so she injures her mother, causing him to leave work, which would result in a nuclear meltdown (literally), but her family would spend more time together.

Wondering what Drill is the most fun part. An alien? A demon? Something entirely different? There are plenty of other questions needing answers. How can Drill cure illnesses, especially a boy who had been deaf? What is this mysterious glowing tree they found in the desert? And why in the world would Claire (Lily Rabe) cheat on her enticing husband Sean?(Milo Ventimiglia)


(I’m sorry but seriously…why….)

Eventually Drill’s identity is revealed and to be honest, it’s a little bit of a let down.

Alien….he’s an alien that wants to destroy humanity. Why? Because that’s what aliens do. There are no redeeming qualities about aliens, they hate us, and we must destroy them before they destroy us.

But Drill is more of an energy than an actual being, which is kind of interesting. It can only be seen through thermal imagery and when you do see him he looks more like a blob. However when he descends upon someone’s body it is rather creepy the way he latches onto them. But! Drill can do more than that: he can actually possess a body. It’s a one time thing though, once it’s done, it’s done. Why though? What’s the point? Is it the only way they can survive?

A good twist was a back story about a boy who ended up killing his brother (in the 80’s!) who was also possessed by Drill. Of course no one believed him and was put in a mental institute, but we know Drill can be killed…rather easily once inside a human body so why possess us at all? That is yet to be answered.

The actual plot keeps you interested, wanting to know more about Drill, and how this will all end. The characters on the other hand, sort of don’t.

My mom will tell you she can’t stand most of the adults. Most of the time spent on the adults (when Drill wasn’t around) was a cheating scandal that is brought up a lot, and at first seems that the cheaters aren’t over each other, but then they are, maybe, truth be told I can’t really tell at this point.

The kids are more interesting. One daughter is pretty close with Drill and talks to him constantly. The son of Claire and Sean was able to hear again (and that red hair…wherever he got that…is adorable.) Each one is different and you get more of a sense of them and their personalities than the adults. Now I’m not saying I don’t care about the adults, but so much time is put into them hunting down Drill while bringing up little things done in the past, but not enough. Most of them work for the government so they’re stern yet stubborn.

The death of a pretty major character last episode will definitely shake things up for the remaining three, but I can probably tell you how this will end:

Drill needs to contact the rest of his race/family and tell them to come to Earth. (For some reason) he wants to possess a child but isn’t sure who yet. The adults are debating whether to kill a child if he does possess them. Most likely the season will end with Drill contacting his race which would lead into season 2 of everyone preparing for the invasion.

Another theory would be a major child character is possessed, killed, but in the end it won’t matter because they’re coming.

It’s definitely ending with the rest of the Drills coming, but how, that’s left to be determined.

All in all, I do enjoy the episodes and each usually ends on a high note leaving you wanting more. Who knows a plot twist could be coming that would make my prediction completely wrong, but I am looking forward to seeing how this will end.


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