Reviewing: Fear the Walking Dead trailer

The trailer 

“When civilization ends, it ends fast.”

*Spoilers if you have never heard/seen of The Walking Dead.*

When Rick wakes up from his coma the world has ended, but most of us would like to know, how? Well we know how, but what exactly happened during that time asleep? How fast did civilization fall? How many Hershels believed it would get better?

As you watch the trailer and the tone gets darker and the music picks up we begin to feel for these people because we know what’s coming. It’s not going to get better, the sick people are going to stay sick, and all you feel is dread.

The trailer starts out with a rather normal family: a mom walking in on her daughter, a dad fixing something, and a father-son argument. Nothing you really have to think about.

Soon the first signs of the virus are shown: people calling in sick, some not feeling well in school, and the most obvious, a walker eating someone. (I am so used to using the term walker which is probably not what they’re going to be called in this series.)

The druggie son sees something and of course no one believes him. And of course, they will. A man vs nature speech is voiced over this to reassure us that in the end, nature (walkers) will always win.

As the music picks up (some pretty awesome music) more dread hits you. Leaked videos, traffic jams (that always mean something bad is happening,) and eventually the sightings of some walkers. Part of the family is separated, riots and police collide, and no one has any idea what’s happening (except civilization ends fast kid, who according to IMDB is only in two episodes.)

The worst part? You know what’s happening, you know what’s about to come, and it may be a bit frustrating when people shove it off as fake or hallucinations, but there’s no way around it. The apocalypse is coming and its coming fast (at least a month, fast.)

Overall how do we expect Fear the Walking Dead to do? Most fans of the show would say they’re very excited. We want to know what happened while Rick was asleep. What happened that eventually convinced (almost) everyone this was the end of the world?

Some naysayers aren’t that thrilled on the name, I for one am fine with it. There will probably be moments when you just want to shake them and say, “Get ready! Hoard everything! Why won’t you believe this?” But we must remember this is before and reality will slap them across the face for you.

Being in LA, a change of scenery will be nice (not that the woods and dirt roads aren’t exciting.) A frequently asked question is, “What is happening in the rest of the country? The world?” Hopefully we’ll learn the latter someday, but just knowing the west coast will be hit hard too answers some questions.

Fear the Walking Dead is a prequel (sort of), spin-off series to The Walking Dead where we will learn what it’s like right at the beginning of the end of the world. Most Walking Dead fans will agree, we’re excited. And for those not in this fandom yet, this could be a good starting point if you want to know answers straight away, before the questions in The Walking Dead.

All in all, a great trailer that looks like a great series a head.


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