Reviewing: Nimona

A few weeks ago I searched through Barnes and Noble for a new kind of book that could keep my attention. I probably went through a dozen that in some way, incorporated a love interest, and I was ready to only walk out with my Harry Potter Pop Vinyls when the name title “Nimona” caught my attention.

Not only did I love the cover (she has wings!), but I saw it was a graphic novel, and I’ve really been into those lately. It only took the first page for me to say, “Yes, yes, yes I want to read this” (and I did, in one night.)

Written by Noelle Stevenson, Nimona is actually a mash-up of fantasy and science fiction. One minute you think it’s taking place in a medieval era but next the characters will talk through a computer. The story is about a young, spunky, shape-shifting girl named Nimona who is asking a supervillain,  Lord Ballister Blackheart, to be his sidekick.

Automatically I loved it. The relationship between Nimona and Blackheart gave me a “Doctor and young companion” vibe. At first it starts out rocky, Blackheart doesn’t believe he should have a kid as a sidekick, but Nimona’s charm eventually wins him over.


Blackheart has been fighting a battle with his nemesis, Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin, a once friend/romantic interest. Blackheart wants to bring down the Institution Goldenloin works for and ruined the chance of him becoming a knight. The little moments the guys have is one of my favorite things. It’s obvious they have a past and they bring up moments together, but Goldenloin did something to Blackheart that would turn him into a villain, and for that, Blackheart never forgave him.

Further into the book things do take more of a dark turn (it started out so cute) but it’s what makes it so good. The fact that this fun book started to add some tragedy to the characters allows you to connect and like them more. A dark past about Nimona is brought into the light which causes her and Blackhearts relationship to turn rocky from time to time, but in the end, they care about each other, and save each other’s backs constantly.

I said in the beginning I wanted a book to catch my attention and that’s because none have for some time. I’ve started numerous stories, but have failed to finish the book. It’s not that the story or writing is bad, but just for me personally, it’s not getting any kind of response out of me. Nimona changed that however. I loved everything about the book (which is weird for me to say because I can be so nit-picky.) The characters are likeable, the plot is simple as a villain wanting to bring destruction to the world, but it’s a nice change of pace from the popular superhero stories. It’s nice to hear stories from the villain’s point of view.

Nimona was sitting in the Young Adult section but I would recommend it for everyone. It’s entertaining and keeps you interested. How did Nimona get these powers? Will Blackheart and Goldenloin ever rekindle their relationship?


All in all I 100% recommend Nimona. Easily one of my favorite reads, ever.


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