Reviewing: Teen Wolf

With the midseason finale coming up soon, and because I haven’t talked about this yet, I thought it was time to review season five (so far.)

*also, some major spoilers*

At the end of last season I was a little underwhelmed. Not that it was bad, but compared to others, not great. A preview of Lydia kicking ass came out shortly beforehand and I knew, this would be better, and it is.

The season starts off on a rather happy note: it’s senior year and everyone’s ready to get through it, but Scott has a feeling things are either going to get really bad or really good (and it being them, most likely bad.)

As the episodes go on, things go from bad to worse. You can’t expect the characters to go through anymore shit than they already have, but they do. The episodes have been much darker than past seasons (quite literally too, at times I can’t see the screen well,) even possessed Stiles.

The Dread Doctors, a group of scientists working with magic, have been creating Chimeras (a creature that has been interpreted differently, but is made up different species.) The twist is, they can only do this with people (usually teenagers) who have more than one set of DNA in them. Why are they doing this? We don’t know yet.

And these guys are powerful. Not even Scott has put up a match against them. In the last episode we saw them without their gear, just wearing normal shirts and to be honest it was a bit weird being reminded they are just humans, even with all the science and magic in the world.

Like I said, every episode seems to be getting darker with no relief any time soon. The pack is faltering, everyone is keeping secrets, and friendships are falling a part. Scott, the true alpha, is having asthma attacks, and has to carry his inhaler around. Even as he transforms into a wolf his power isn’t as strong as before. Whether he’s scared of what he can do or has no control, something is definitely up with Scott.

Then we have Kira who forgot she was attacked by the Dread Doctors and no longer has control of the Fox inside of her. When the fighter in her comes out, so does the Fox in full force. She’s hurt and even killed people without realizing it. At the moment Kira has been taken away to figure out how to fix this, but man does she look cool.


Malia, I swear, has seen almost every death. With memories of the fatal car crash she was in resurfacing, she finds out her mother (the Desert Wolf) was there at the crash and has mixed feelings whether to find her or not. Also, her and Stiles relationship seems to be faltering and we’re not sure what’s even still there.


Lydia, I just love her and I’m so glad she’s learning to defend herself. Not that she’s needed in the past four seasons, but at this point, it would come in handy. In the beginning we see her emitting some sort of banshee-energy to protect herself, but at the moment she’s able to be a fair fight with Parrish. And speaking of, a spark is happening there, whether it will go further than fight flirting we don’t know yet, but I for one am totally up for it.


Ah Parrish…what the hell are you?


Then there’s baby wolf Liam, who has really become part of the pack, while also having some pretty good one-liners so far. At the beginning, a girl from his past has moved to Beacon Hills and seemed to be on a revenge warpath, but of course, it has turned into romance. Actually, relationships have not been a major part in the season so far. We have Liam and Hayden, some scenes with Scott and Kira before she became a flaming Fox, flirting between Lydia and Parrish, and a date with Papa Stilinski and Mama Martin. Not that I’m complaining, it is nice to see everyone more focused on the Dread Doctors and saving people than the love in their life.

And then we have Stiles, who has probably had it the hardest so far. Even at the beginning he was worried about losing his friends and eventually would. In a complete self-defense act, he ended up killing a Chimera who not only threatened his life, but his father’s. While keeping this a secret and trying to figure out the Dread Doctors the stress has gotten to him. In the last episode we do see a Scott x Stiles breakup after Scott finds out about the murder (and it’s a tear jerker.)



Oh and there’s Theo, a new character, who deserves a freaking oscar for fooling everyone and playing both sides (and no matter how attractive, you just want him to die.)



So where does this leave us? Well with a lot of questions.

Number one being: where the hell is Derek? What is the point of the Dread Doctors creating the Chimeras if they just seem to kill them all off? Why does Malia’s mom want her dead? Has Deaton found anything to help with this problem? Will the pack return to the way it was? Actually what is the point of any of this? Why torture the pack? And… what is Parrish?

I’m sure the midseason finale will leave more questions than answers and this possibly being the last season we may see some characters being killed off (just a theory) but it just leaves us in a ball of nervousness that I am excited for.



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