Reviewing: Fear the Walking Dead, “Pilot”

*some spoilers, but are they really if we know what The Walking Dead is*

We’ve seen the “undead” out in full force on The Walking Dead, now we’re at the starting point. One by one people are disappearing, staying home from school, and for some, dying.

Pilots are always full of exposition. The audience needs to learn about the characters and what’s going on in their lives right off the back so the remaining episodes can be filled with action and (in this case) death. What we learned is a dysfunctional family is dealing with a drug addicted son who claims he has seen a friend eating another. This kid is Nick (young Lord Voldemort for any Harry Potter fans out there, Half-Blood Prince, really look it up,) and he is more convinced he’s gone insane than a possible zombie apocalypse.

There’s Nick’s sister Alicia (Lexa from the 100, whom I will do a Women in Fiction post about some time soon), who is the overachiever of the family and is on her way to Berkeley (her boyfriend is missing and we know what’s going to come of this.) His mom Madison, the school guidance counselor and very headstrong. With these two I could see how their personalities could turn some people off, but we are only one episode in (and Daryl wasn’t the most likable character at first either.)

Madison has moved her family in with her boyfriend, Travis (Firelord Ozai from the Last Airbender movie…I will try not to not hold that against him), an English teacher who is trying pretty hard to not only win her family over, but his own who doesn’t seem the most reluctant to spend time with the new family, and Alicia especially, hasn’t warmed up to him. I for one like him. When Nick was in the hospital, scared he was going insane, Travis went to the area where it happened to find out for him, and even started to believe his story.

The episode builds up and eventually we get the reveal of a walker (to the main characters.) I actually thought this would take a few episodes to happen, but we’re getting it right off the back, which could only mean more craziness is to come.

Not only was this series hyped up to be the #1 trend on Twitter during the premiere, it also earned the number one spot for most viewers on cable TV.

It’s going to take some time to care about the characters, but being thrown into these situations is going to make us feel for them more. Madison already had a breakdown over seeing where her addicted son went to get high. Far worse things are about to come.

For me, I enjoyed the episode even though a few things were predictable (Nick killing his drug dealer and him coming back) but considering what we know is about to come, everything is predictable. Anything else is wondering who is going to die, and how fast is this going to kill humanity.

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