Reviewing: Heroes Season 1

*spoilers, of course*

Save the cheerleader. Save the world. A simple statement that has gone a long way.

Not going to lie, I watched a few episodes when I was younger but never actually got into the series (I went through a stupid phase.) Now that I’m going to review Heroes Reborn for International Geek Girls I figured, “yeah, I should probably watch this first.” I’m not saying this is the only reason, I’ve thought about it for a while, but this gives me more motivation.

I knew the basics: people with special powers. Simple enough. I wasn’t prepared for everything else however.

The first season is more like an origin story, we learn about each of the heroes, their backgrounds, and their powers. One character, Peter, believes his can fly (and red minds, and heal, and do anything everyone else can.)  Another Nicki, has something like a split-personality disorder, even though the other personality is real and takes over her Nicki does. And there’s Hiro, a time traveler/teleporter (you know, the Japanese guy from Heroes that everyone probably knows him by.)

Throughout the season the heroes learn to control their powers while the antagonist, a villain by the name of Sylar, is killing them one by one and taking their powers for himself (not in the way Peter absorbs the powers. More like, taking a part of their brain.) Even though a lot of the characters don’t know each other at first, they’re all connected. Most of the time they’re all going after the same person, but have no idea that others are as well.

Hiro travels into the future and learns that a bomb is going to destroy New York City. Confirmed by other characters, this is his sole mission, to the save the world. Most believe the future is set in stone, but by knowing the future, these people can change it.

The theory that people have special powers is most talked about by Dr. Mohinder Suresh who is following his father’s work that like animals, us humans could evolve too, and gain powers (oh how cool that would be.) He is one of the biggest skeptics at first, but will learn that everything his father said was true. Because of him we know why this is happening.

People die (of course) because of a psychotic murdering watch maker. Man does Zachary Quinto play someone who can just annoy the hell of out you. Every time he showed up on-screen, whether he was himself or faking another person, I wanted to slap the smirk off his face. And for a SECOND you believed there was someone in the world he cared about (his mom, it’s always a relative) and he killed her too!

At the end all of our heroes are at the same place at the same time (playing the destiny card much?) and I actually thought this big battle with all of them working together, despite some never meeting, would happen and Sylar would just die. However that wasn’t the case. Peter was built up to be the one to stop Sylar, but he never did much. Niki offered some assistance, Hiro stabbed him, and Peter turned into a bomb only for his brother to fly him into space and kill them both. Not that this ending was bad, I was expecting more of a fight with Sylar, but overall I enjoyed it.

Overall I really like the series so far. It’s nice to have parts of each episode dedicated to different characters so we can get to know them more. Sure some of the powers are cliche (flying, super strength) and the most fun parts were with Hiro and Ando. I’m ready to start season two (in a day or two.)



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