Reviewing: The Whispers, “Traveller in the Dark”

*spoilers, of course*

With the season finale only days away, the second-to-last episode sure has set us up for what could be an ending filled with aliens and adults yelling at each other. Not only do we finally know which child is being possessed by Drill, but a mini heart attack towards the end with the almost-death of a major child character.

The episode starts with Wes coming to the rescue of a younger Minx and calming her down by singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” (very fitting) and letting her know he would always come when she’s scared. Cue to the present when the adults are deciding if Minx is really possessed by Drill, and after some not-so much thinking, decide she’s gone. (Even though there was a very big chance he was possessing someone else…why they didn’t do more tests/interviews…) It’s not that Minx has always been the most charming character, always acting stuck-up because she was closest with Drill, but I’ve never hated her to the point where I wanted to see her die.

Wes has a major breakdown after talking with Minx that just pulls at the heartstrings. This could affect any parent, thinking something they have no control over is possessing their child’s body. (Man I’m not even a parent and it affected me.)

Throughout the episode there was always this question, “Is Minx really gone or are they playing us?” I always thought Minx was too obvious. Finally, thanks to Shawn, we learn it’s actually the President’s daughter. Drill said in a previous episode he was searching for Orien, which turns out to be, the President’s daughter’s code name for the secret service (a nice little twist there.) The episode ends with Wes saving Minx (which results in another crying session that is even worse than the first time) and Drill exposing himself to the world.

I wasn’t expecting to get so emotional over Minx, but other than when her mom died, she became vulnerable and scared. To be honest, for the first time we really saw her as a child.

How is this season going to end? By the looks of the preview I would say the rest of Drill’s family/race is coming. The President’s (once was) daughter will be questioned, Drill may actually reveal his overall plan (and why he needs to possess a child), and I’m sure there will be a debate as whether to kill him or not. The child being the President’s daughter is sure to get mixed opinions (but since they were so quick to kill Minx should there really be a debate?)

Whatever else goes on in the episode, I’m 100% predicting the rest of the aliens coming.

On a different note, there was a few scenes in the last few episodes where a reporter is seeking the truth about everything that has been covered up. He believes the public has a right to know, and I for one agreed with him. We should know about the aliens goddamnit.


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