Women in Fiction: Amy Pond

*spoilers, of course*

“This is the story of Amelia Pond…”

When we are first introduced to Amy she’s a little girl praying someone would come and make the crack in her wall go away. After growing up without her parents and being alone most of the time Amy thought it was a long shot to hope.

But someone did come, The Raggedy Doctor. He liked Amy instantly even though she thought he was a bit weird. Coincidentally, the Doctor was just the person she needed for the crack in her wall and he was going to fix it too…until he disappeared for twelve years.

When the Doctor returned he offered her the chance to travel through all of time and space and she agreed and this, is where the real story begins.

Amy, wasn’t my favorite companion at first. I had no problem with her until she started to have feelings toward the Doctor even though she was engaged to Rory. I totally understand the infatuation someone could have with the Doctor, especially when he looks as young as Matt Smith, but it wasn’t my favorite thing about Amy.

But like any good character, Amy went through her development. At first she wasn’t exactly “needed” in situations. In “The Beast Below” Amy makes a tough decision against the Doctor’s wishes, but Amy never really got a chance to voice what she believed. It’s not that she lacked any confidence (she was a kissogram) but was just there. Amy was smart and stubborn, but wasn’t that familiar with the situations the Doctor went through.

When Amy finally decides between Rory and the Doctor (cause I’m such a huge fan of love triangles..) my feelings change about her. I loved Rory and was so happy Amy saw what everyone else saw in him. He waited 2,000 years for her! Rory died multiple times, blew up a Cyberman ship, and traveled through space to save her.




Rory and Amy are one of my favorite couples. Rory travelling with the Doctor changed him into someone willing to do anything to save the people he loves. Well, pretty much anyone who meets the Doctor becomes a different person. It’s one of the best parts about the show, watching the characters (especially the companions) go through their developments.

Amy and the Doctor’s relationship is a big part of her. From what started out as a liking, to more of crush, a strong friendship, and finally becoming family (literally and metaphorically.) No matter what happened, the Doctor would always save them and that was Amy’s motto.


As the seasons go on Amy goes through more despair but is always one of the more “spunky” and friendly companions. Amy and Rory have a daughter only to lose her and never know she was actually growing up with them. From getting stuck on another world and defending herself every day for thirty-six years to losing her faith in the Doctor just to stop a monster from killing her, Amy has gone through it all.

Finally, Amy and Rory’s story comes to an end (for the TV show at least, there are comics.) In “Angels take Manhattan” Rory is taken by Weeping Angels, only for him and Amy to “destroy” the timeline and escape…only for Rory to be taken again but this time for good. The Doctor begs Amy to go with him, but Amy knows she has to be with Rory and allows the Angel to take her back, resulting in her and Rory’s name to appear on tombstones next to the Tardis (a real tear-jerker.)


However, we do get a final glimpse of Amy as the Eleventh Doctor is saying his final farewell. It was only fitting for the first face his face saw to tell him goodnight.


Now I have said there are plenty of more adventures with Amy and Rory in the comics. We learn Amy became a writer after being sent back in time. Her and Rory even adopted a son and told him about all their adventures (I would love for the show to let us meet him.)

You see overtime, Amy became one of my top companions. I loved the confidence that grew out of her from experience. It wasn’t the same confidence she had all along, but something that comes from going through shit and learning from her mistakes. (Okay I also have a big crush on Karen Gillan, that helps.)



Amy was fierce and loved the people around her deeply and could even have a dark side when needed (killing Madam Kovarian in the alternate universe.) I know many people cry over her and Rory’s death, but they did live happily ever after in New York and lived to a rather old age.


Amy is a fan favorite and no one will be forgetting about her any time soon.

“…and this is how it ends.”


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