Reviewing: Teen Wolf Midseason Finale

*spoilers, of course*

The first half of this season I was surprisingly fine with. Actually I liked where it was going. We finally see the pack at their lowest. I couldn’t believe how some of the characters were just put through shit this entire time. Scott for example, has been screwed over every episode. Jeff Davis did say on Wolf Watch he wanted Scott to go through the darkest times he’s ever had and that’s no exaggeration. There was no point in hoping for an episode to end on a good note, because they never did.

Now for this episode, the beginning…eh. I’ll be the first to admit the relationships on Teen Wolf have not been my favorite part (although some are exceptions,) but when Liam wants to kill Scott over his what? Week long relationship then it kind of starts to annoy me. I realize it was a super full moon and Liam was emotional but…really? (Was it even a week?)

However things did begin to pick up a notch because the question I’ve been asking for how freaking long has been answered: What is Parrish?


Hellhound! Wait…what?

Not going to lie I wasn’t expecting that at all. Everyone’s theories have been phoenix (I was rooting for dragon.) But hey, at least we know and I’m pretty happy about it. Did not see it coming.

Theo revealed himself as a Chimera. That too was a little bit of a surprise. I think I thought it sometimes, but wasn’t sure. However, it just adds on more questions such as: Theo was the first but why has he only been a success? Who were those fake parents and how did he manage to even get them? Why is he so hellbent on having a pack?

Then Braeden comes in and I threw my hands up in excitement (well I saw her name as the beginning credits rolled, but it was still such a relief.) With her returning this adds…more questions and number one being: WHERE’S DEREK?

Braeden came to let Malia know her mom (Desert Wolf) knows she’s a live and wants to kill her. Why? I have no idea. Maybe she wants to be the only Desert Wolf and Malia could take that from her. Maybe she thinks Malia could be more powerful or she just pissed her off as a baby.

Papa Stilinski gets hurt (traumatic moment there.) Theo and Scott have a fight, which basically kills him. Again I wonder why Scott doesn’t seem as powerful. Going through all he has this season has to take a toll, but he should have crushed Theo.

Theo resurrects the dead “failure” Chimeras (who would’ve thought that could be a thing,) while Scott is resurrected by his mom, Lydia is in some comatose state (and Davis did confirm this sends her to Eichen House,) and Scott has no pack. But I’m sure the fresco of two creatures battling it out will only lead to even more dark times ahead.

Overall I enjoyed most of this episode. It seems that there will be a lot of monster fights in the upcoming second half and I’m pretty excited about that. The extra dark turn this season has taken has made me enjoy it more. Sure there have been dark times in the past (especially with Void Stiles) but they’ve never seem to be at the breaking point for our characters like it has been so far (Allison’s death is pretty close.)

At the moment I’m not sure how this season is going to continue or even end, but things have to start getting better for them…eventually.


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