Reviewing: Fear the Walking Dead, “So Close, Yet So Far”

It’s like no one’s paying attention. – Nick

*spoilers, of course*

For me, a public area not so crowded is a dream come true, but on Fear the Walking Dead it only means the virus is spreading. We’re wasting no time by killing side characters off, public shootings of walkers, and people going to extreme lengths to get what they need.

Alicia’s boyfriend Matt has been bit and if we see him again it will probably be in walker form. Travis, Madison, and Nick are reeling from their first encounter and plan to go to the desert (I can just imagine them walking through miles of sand,) until Nick starts to have a withdraw from the drugs. Madison goes off to the school to get Nick’s prescriptions and Travis goes off to find his son Zuko (I mean Chris.)

Chris is caught up in a crowd after the police shot a homeless man (who we have to assume was a walker,) but the shooting of an unarmed (he was black) man has stirred up a riot. What started out as a protest led to a mass mob going out of control (this sounds eerily familiar.)

Madison has to break into the school, break into locked rooms and lockers to get what she needs. A -creepily standing behind- her Tobias is also there to hoard the school’s food and get his knife back. While there Art (the principal) is revealed to be a walker and Madison has to smash his head in with a fire extinguisher to save Tobias.

This is the part that hits you that these characters are killing for the first time. Sure we saw Rick’s reaction but at that point the walkers look more “zombie-like,” we saw their bones and skin peeling off. For Madison Artie still looked a lot like himself (except for that dead look.) She had to smash a fire extinguisher through her friend’s skull and she barely understands why. And the fact that she was able to hold all of that in until getting home shows she’s been through shit and she can hold it in (or shock.)

Meanwhile Travis is off finding his son with his ex-wife Liza, who would not listen to a damn thing he said on the phone and you just think “oh she’s one of those ex-wives who never listens and talks over everyone.” Eventually the crowd gets out of control and the “family” has to find a place to stay until it calms down. They are able to find the Salazar family who doesn’t seem that keen on letting them in but do any way. Outside fires burn, windows are broken, and people randomly knock over things (really, some guy is running down the sidewalk and just turns and kicks down a fence.)

At the end Alicia notices one of their neighbors getting violent with their family and Madison has to drag her inside, which leads Alicia to question everything. I’m sure just saying the thought outloud would be hard, but give her something. Her boyfriend is dying from this same thing and she can’t get anything out of her family.

Overall I liked this episode. It is so hard to not get frustrated when people act stupid or just have no idea what’s going on, but there should be a reminder that nothing has been exposed yet. For some their electricity and phone lines are already going out. As for the actual zombie issue, most people wouldn’t believe it anyway.

I’m kind of curious to hear what they end up calling them. It would be funny for us to hear every other word used in The Walking Dead and they would just say zombie.

I like that we’re getting right into the action. The apocalypse isn’t waiting around for anyone.


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