Reviewing: The Whispers Season Finale

*spoilers, of course*


That is all I’m asking myself after watching the season finale. Why did all of this happen? Why did they take the children? Just…why. I was hoping for answers, but instead I’m still asking why.

Drill’s appearance is short-lived when he kills himself (I think) while in the body of the President’s daughter (does he realize his daughter is already gone or is her body crumpling to the ground in ashes going to confirm that for him?) Drill talked about making sacrifices and was still able to have control over the children even after his “sacrifice.”

Okay I’m also asking: what? After Drill kills himself the children (and some adults but we’ll talk about that later) go into a trance and leave their parents and homes. All we hear is, “They’re where they need to be.”

Claire and Shawn are taken by some adults, who I actually thought were already possessed, but it turns out that connection Drill made with the current kids, another Drill made one with kids back in the 80’s before that one was killed. That part of their brain that was affected is still there and he is still able to control them (even though he’s dead…I’m still a little confused over this.) Unfortunately many are killed in a Wes rescue mission and they are able to get through to the “real” Henry using sign language. Wes, Claire, Shawn, and Henry go off in search of Minx when the invasion begins. The kids are in their spots when an actual blue beam shoots down, surrounding them. Henry is ready to be beamed up when Claire pushes him out-of-the-way and she goes instead. The episode ends with Wes reuniting with Shawn and Henry after everyone is gone.

I wasn’t truly disappointed with the episode. There was a twist with the adults who talked to Drill as children and still were under his control as adults. The signal Drill sent out last episode was revealed to say, “Are the children ready?” I actually assumed the rest of the Drills would need the children but thought they would just be possessing them when Drill said the word “domination.” The children actually being taken away, I wasn’t expecting.

Sure there were some cheesy one liners you hear all the time in movies. That dramatic pause before saying, “They’re here” or, “They’re coming.” But there was one thing that actually pissed me off a little: the President’s daughter vs Minx.

Let’s rewind to the last episode where everyone thought Minx was possessed by Drill. She was locked away in a room for a while, but eventually taken out to be killed by some big weapon. If Wes didn’t haul ass into the building Minx would probably be dead.

Now, we know who Drill is really possessing. Did they also throw her into a truck and take her to the big lazor to be killed? Of course not! They throw her in a truck and take her to a big cell to get information. They were so damn quick to put Minx in danger, to kill her right away, but with this girl? Nope. I get this was after Drill sent out the signal and they want to know why…but they didn’t even question Minx! They didn’t try to get any information out of her when they THOUGHT she was gone and Drill had taken over. They didn’t take the time to even figure out if she was possessed.

It has been obvious I’m not the biggest Minx fan, but even that is some bullshit.

Moving on, where does that leave us? Well a lot of kids (and Claire) are gone and no one knows why. Do they plan on coming back? Do they just need them for their own planet (even though I thought Drill said it was dying, so where are they going if that’s the case?)

I enjoyed this series. I loved the beginning before we knew what Drill was and I kind of hoped it would last a few more episodes before we got the answer (letdown.) I wasn’t that excited about him being an alien, but it was still interesting enough to keep me watching. If the series does get renewed I’m sure I’ll be there waiting for the new episodes to start.


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