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*spoilers, of course*

What could possibly go wrong when a show has endless possibilities about myths and monsters? How about the treatment of its characters (especially women), filler episodes, and focusing on the same shit every damn season.

When I started watching Supernatural (April 2013 to be specific) I was in my last stretch of college and just wanted to go home. To numb the thoughts of existential crisis I finished not only Supernatural, but Game of Thrones tied in there in one month. Going through each episode back to back you rarely think about the faults (unless they’re painfully obvious.)

Give it time though. Every now and then, when an episode pops up you realize what was really wrong there and the excitement of going online in the tag and connecting with other people who share the same interest starts to fade away. This is Supernatural and I’s relationship.

To start on a good note, I love the concept. I love supernatural and mythological creatures (I’m writing a freaking book about them), and I loved main characters, Sam and Dean. Their tragic backstory is an easy way for people to feel for them. And the fact that they’re basically cursed and can’t catch a break makes you feel for them after every episode.

Despite being one of the best Hunters, Dean hates himself. A self-loathing personality that hardly gets any development over ten seasons. Dean constantly feels bad about himself, even though he’s beaten practically every villain thrown at him.

That doesn’t mean Dean is an unlikeable character, he’s far from it, but this leads to another point I want to make. Dean is so worried about Sam being mad at him (even leaving) that he hides stuff from him. Sam is just as much to blame about this as well. Throughout ten damn seasons it’s the same old story: one brother has a problem and he doesn’t want to tell the other out of fear, so he keeps it a secret (until usually the midseason finale) when the other finds out all hell breaks loose. They rarely talk, go through a few episodes being mad at the other, but eventually make up. How they can’t comprehend that hiding stuff from one another just causes more problems I don’t understand.

We do get a break from just Sam and Dean’s sob-story when side characters come in. Supernatural is pretty good with making secondary characters who become fan favorites. Castiel (well he’s a main character now) is on the top of the list. Then there’s Bobby, Charlie, Ellen, Jo, Crowley, the list goes on. Excluding Castiel and Crowley, all of your favorite side characters are dead. We may get a special appearance in a flashback or hallucination or dream, but everyone dies.

Especially the women, which leads to another point. You can argue that there’s plenty of women who kick ass (and many do) but there’s plenty of women just there for eye candy for the boys or to be killed off in extreme ways. From sexualizing them in “skimpy” outfits or my favorite: season one Dean having a different “love interest” pretty much every damn episode. That was really the only point of them. They were caught up in the Supernatural and the boys were there to save them.

Sure you have women Hunters like Jo and Ellen, cop sort of turned Hunter Jody, computer hacker turned friend turned hunter Charlie, or Lisa, an actual relationship Dean had, but they’ve all been written off (except Jody.) Jo, Ellen, and Charlie are all dead and Lisa doesn’t remember Dean. This last season we were introduced to Crowley’s mom, Rowena, a pretty cool character, but also a witch who I’ve not been very impressed with regarding her witch skills. Some people say this is because many fans complain about the women in the brothers lives (but what about Charlie? How is she dead and Metatron is alive?) (And if that is the case, damn get over it.)

Oh yeah Metatron, a character who appeared in one episode, turned villain, and is still somehow freaking alive (I really hate him.) A pointless villain to me to be honest. The antagonist of the seasons has gone pretty downhill. Up to season five I loved it. But once we got into six with a few different storylines going on things changed. The filler episodes weren’t as fun (in season ten there were some episodes I skipped altogether.) And in season ten I wasn’t sure who was the villain (I guess Dean for some time, but maybe Rowena, then the Stines came in, then Dean for a while…) There are endless possibilities revolving the lure (we’ve barely scraped the surface when it comes to monsters from other countries) yet we are constantly stuck on the angel/demon problems. When it comes to any other villain (Stines for example) they just aren’t that interesting.

There was Abaddon, but she was also killed in a brutal way.

Sometimes I think the ship between Dean and Castiel are more important to people than the actual show. I do love them together, but in the way they are now. Not exactly in a romantic way, but an obvious loving and caring way. Whatever happens to them (and I really don’t think anything more will come) I’ll still love their interactions together.

There’s also the ship between Sam and Dean but the incest thing…no just stop, no.

I feel like I haven’t said enough good about the show. I love Sam and Dean. They care about each other so much but it only causes more problems in the end. If they just talked to each other…!

I love pretty much everyone in the show (except Metatron and Gordon Walker.) The side characters run the show just as much as the main ones. I would just love to see some of them again (hello, Gabriel, an obvious fan favorite.)

The monster stuff is fun (I only wish they broadened their monster lure.)

Okay I do love Supernatural. I care about these characters a lot, but there is a lot wrong with the show. I will admit the way they have treated women made a big turn around, especially last season. I just want to have that same feeling I had when I first started watching the show. Just wanting to watch the next episode to know what happens. I wish I could feel that again.

Again, I love Supernatural, but sometimes its faults need to be said.

And…this is all my opinion.


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