Women in Fiction: Emma Swan

People are going to tell you who you are your whole life. You just gotta punch back and say, “No, this is who I am.”

*spoilers, of course*

How would the child of Snow White and Prince Charming turn out? A princess following the rules is what some would assume. In the case of Emma, she turned out far from it.

Charming and Snow made the tough decision to give up Emma after being born in the hopes she would come back and save them all from the Evil Queen’s curse. Emma is transported from the Enchanted Forest to the real one and found along the street. She’s immediately labeled as an orphan and throughout her whole life waited for someone to adopt her.

She is at a young age only to be given back after the parents had their own child. Another foster family took Emma in only for the Snow Queen to reveal herself to Emma, causing Emma to run away. (She does take Emma’s memories of her away, so in the end she doesn’t remember any of it.)


Fast forward a few years and Emma is eighteen. In the attempts to steal a car she meets Neal (who had just stolen the same car.) Both are petty thieves who fall for each other.


During an attempt to get some watches that would be worth a lot, Neal turns Emma into the police while she has the watches (which is a long story for another time.) While Emma is in jail she finds out she’s pregnant. When she gives birth she ends up giving the baby away.

Now we’re at the start of the show. Emma is a bail bonds person going after a fugitive when who would’ve thought it? Her son Henry shows up at her door. Henry doesn’t want to go back home because he believes his adoptive mother is the Evil Queen and the rest of the town are fairytale characters trapped. This causes Emma to go to Storybrooke and this is the start of Emma’s destiny.

Over time Emma starts to believe Henry and when the curse is broken, learns the truth about her parents and why they gave her up. Despite the irony of Emma giving Henry up as well, she is bitter about it for a while and has a hard time calling them mom and dad. Emma grew up with no one wanting her and believed she wasn’t worth anything. It’s only right for her to be mad for a while.

Throughout the show Emma proves herself to be the Savior everyone wanted her to be. Before breaking the curse Emma was already a strong person who took no shit (she kind of beat people up for a living.) Having little to no friends during her adult life caused Emma to become more emotionally detached than others, so when she tells Henry she loves him it’s a pretty big deal.


From slaying a dragon to traveling through the Enchanted Forest and Neverland, Emma has been through it all. She lost Neal but found love in a new person, Hook. From their first meeting you knew there was something between them. Both are sarcastic, but mesh well together. Finally they become the couple so many people wanted to see.


The relationship with her parents starts to grow and Emma has no problem calling them mom and dad. I actually love her and Charming’s relationship the most. When she calls him dad you can tell he’s so happy to have her back in his life (not that Snow doesn’t) but I feel like he’s not as hard on her. But last season Emma finds a secret out about herself they have been hiding this entire time. This causes her relationship with them to falter, but she ends up forgiving them.

There’s also her relationship with Regina, which has had the biggest turn around. At first they were two mothers fighting over their son, but after a few seasons became friends. Regina taught magic to Emma she never knew she had and in return Emma helped Regina change her ways and become good again.


Emma’s strong-willed personality is what people love about her. She’s honest and does whatever she can to save the people she loves, no matter how far or what’s at stake, she always finds a way. And like I said, Emma doesn’t put up with shit. You will know how she feels about you.



For Emma things seemed good for a while until the Queens of Darkness came into play, causing Emma to question herself and her morals. In an attempt to save Henry she kills Cruella and everyone is shocked by this (I wasn’t that shocked. Unlike her parents, Emma will do what’s necessary.)

After all of the loss, questioning herself and her family,  something started to change in her.


Like most great characters, Emma has been broken down.

She’s able to defeat the villain at the end of last season, only for a new one to arise. A new one that is practically unstoppable. The darkness inside The Dark One (Rumple) has been let out and Emma knows her job as the savior is to save everyone. Rather than letting the darkness out, killing her friends and family, Emma attached herself to the darkness.



In the end Emma becomes the new Dark One, the most powerful sorcerer in the world. Not that Emma wasn’t already powerful, but this just kicked it up 100 notches.

What will come of Emma? Has the darkness completely taken over or is the good Emma still in there?

I love the irony of last season. Snow and Charming kept the secret of Emma having darkness in her this whole time, they got it out of her before she was even born, only for Emma to go dark any way.

In my opinion Emma was never “going dark.” Shit happens and gets to people. Emma was tired of reasoning with these villains and proved not to mess with her or her family. Emma did some questionable things, but never out of darkness.


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