Reviewing: Heroes Season 3

Save the heroes. Save the world.

*spoilers, of course*

We’ve finally reached the end of season three which was broken up into two volumes (parts): Villains and Fugitives. It was a nice breath of fresh air from season two (which I obviously didn’t like.)

Nathan was shot by a future Peter who stopped him from exposing his powers. Apparently, this turns into a bad thing. Because of this a butterfly effect occurs and things that were never supposed to happen do. An example being Sylar took Claire’s power making him practically unstoppable. Claire should have never even been home at the time.

Hiro and Ando discover part of a formula that creates abilities. A new character, speedster Daphne, steals the formula and it ends up in the wrong hands.

Elle and Sylar fight causing The Company’s facility to let out a bunch of villains (since that’s the title.) Bennet is teamed up with Sylar and they go out in search for the villains to take back. But in a strange turn of events, Sylar just wants to take more powers. Who would’ve thought this would be a good idea?

Elle and Sylar have this relationship of sorts but he ends up killing her in the end (and again I still liked Elle.)

Mohinder is searching for a cure for the abilities which backfires and he starts to grow scales and produce a web-like substance…he becomes so obsessed he begins to experiment on his friends.

Niki died in the explosion, but we meet her long-lost triplet sister Tracy, who can freeze things.

Matt meets a prophet who tells him to follow an animal to his destiny, which turns out to be a turtle and this isn’t a huge part but I loved his interactions with the turtle (I wonder what happened to the turtle.)

In the end Peter and Nathan’s father is still alive and takes all of Peter’s powers (well he actually takes the power from people, whereas Peter absorbed it, but they still had it.) He wants to create more heroes but doesn’t understand it’s only going to cause the world to end (again.) For a stupid reason he and Angela tell Sylar they’re actually his parents, so he starts to act more empathetic and even helps Peter out. He does find out and kills his fake-biological father (who know one really liked any way.) Oh, but he did convince Nathan to turn to his side so once again, Nathan was a dick. (I swear to god he has the same facial expression, all the time.)

Claire is still trying to figure out her place in the world with her abilities. She wants to learn to fight, but who could blame her? Yeah she can heal, but she can’t defend herself or anyone else. Claire does try to help get some of the escaped villains back, but ends up helping them more in their personal lives to get them back on track.

This part ends with Peter destroying the formula (not before injecting himself with almost the same power, but he can only hold one power at a time and has to touch the person) and Sylar creates a conflict at the Company’s facility. Poor Claire has to watch her birth-mother, Meredith lose control of her fire power and burn the building down with her inside.

Oh and Claire and Hiro finally met.

Now onto Fugitives.

Because of what happened with the villains, Nathan convinces the President the heroes need to be hunted down (good or bad.) While everyone is trying to move on and live a normal life they have no idea people are coming for them. Matt ends up becoming a new prophet (I have no idea how that works) and Claire finds out about Nathan’s plan.

Sylar is on the search for his biological parents which leads him to a family with a son who has abilities. For some reason this kid goes with Sylar (I think he was just there to info-dump or ask questions about Sylar so we know what’s going on.) He remembers an incident where his father actually sold him and killed his mother (you know adding a tragic backstory is not going to make me like him better.)

Nathan’s hunting group gathers up most of the heroes but Claire ends up saving them and everyone is on the run from that point on. A guy part of the group, Danko, becomes so obsessed he just wants to kill them all. And Nathan is still a dick hiding the fact that he also has powers.

Matt ends up losing Daphne only for him to find out he has a son and basically gets back with Janice (he really seemed to get over that…and his prophet abilities just kind of went away towards the end too.)

But characters do start to reunite. Angela and Peter have a moment in a church, Nathan and Claire escape to Mexico and spend time together, and this all leads up to Angela letting everyone know a secret from the past. The original members of the company met at a camp for people with abilities. While sneaking out one night her sister (who can control the weather) got worked up and everyone ended up killing each other by the time she returned. They went to the place only for Angela’s sister to reveal she was still alive…only to run away and never be seen again. Angela was worried about history repeating itself, that everyone in the family was going to die (I’m pretty sure that ship sailed since the first season when Peter blew himself up…)

So how does this all end? Well Danko and Sylar teamed up to capture people. Sylar got the ability to shape-shift and had been shifting so many times he was having a hard time shifting back to himself. Danko sort of got over himself and Sylar wanted to kill the President and become him.

Nathan and Sylar have a show down (twice) and Nathan ends up getting killed, Peter saves the President, and Matt uses his ability to convince Sylar to shift and become Nathan.

It was a little bit confusing of an ending, but overall I enjoyed this season far more than the second, and it’s def up there with the first. I liked learning about new characters, but in a different way than the second season. With the second season it seemed like they were forced into the story line, but with the villains escaping it was more like a new person each episode.

If there was something I noticed in the second part, it seemed like Claire’s sexuality was played up a little more. Like when she was in a comic bookstore the customers acted like they had never seen a girl before. I guess it just bothered me a little.

But we’re one more season away from the end and hopefully it will be in time for Heroes Reborn.

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