Reviewing: Fear the Walking Dead, “The Dog”

*spoilers, of course*

While still trying to ride out the riots, Travis and his family are stuck in a barber shop with the Salazar family who don’t seem to trust anyone, but the father (Daniel) seems to know a lot more about the situation and what to do. Hell, he even called Travis and Madison weak after they couldn’t kill one of their neighbors.

Meanwhile the Clarke’s are at home waiting for Travis and decide to play Monopoly (the perfect game for this stressful situation.) Nick reminded me so much of my sister Emily, with buying everything (you know what I mean Emily), but the lights do eventually start to go out. Even while Travis is driving everyone back to the house we get a nice overview shot of the city going black.

Daniel’s wife, Griselda, hurt her foot and needs a doctor but we even see the hospital going up in smoke while police are shooting Walkers outside. I feel like she may not make it much longer. Their daughter wants to leave with everyone else to, wherever they plan on going, but Daniel refuses to.

But before Travis makes it home the rest of the family hears something inside only to find out it’s their neighbors dog flipping out. Another neighbor starts heading towards the house and they all go out the back, through a freaking maze of plants, and into another house for weapons, only to come back and see the dog has been eaten (I just LOVE seeing this, especially on the Walking Dead…)

Travis is being attacked and Daniel catches on quick that they have to be shot in the head. Even after watching a bullet go through him some still think it’s a sickness and people could still be cured. Nick on the other hand just flat-out says: they’re dead and Alicia is freaking out over her boyfriend Matt.

I am praying there is no love triangle forming here between Eliza and Madison. I’m hoping Travis just stays with Madison and Eliza and her actually become friends. This is what I’d like to see…if it happens; well with my luck, probably not. But Eliza does want to get along and Madison even told her if it came down to it, she wants Eliza to kill her if she ever ends up like everyone else (that’s kind of a big thing.)

The Walkers are so creepy. They still have strength, they still look (mostly) human, and it’s so early no one even thinks to kill them. Many believe it will get better, that it will be contained, but you feel so bad for them. I mean they even try talking to the Walkers (which I gotta admit, is kind of annoying. They cannot hear you!)

In the morning Travis is taking out dead bodies and casually says to their walker neighbor, “Good morning Susan,” which I found to be pretty funny. He and another guy actually took the trash out, like they’re waiting for it to be picked up. Oh how naive they are.

We also find out Travis doesn’t like guns, which should really come in handy later on.

Everyone but the Salazar family pack up and leave when Madison sees Susan’s husband, Patrick, coming home. She rushes after him in the hopes he wouldn’t see his dead wife, but unfortunately does. He’s ready to give her a hug (and you’re ready to yell NO IDIOT) when she’s shot in the head by…wouldn’t you know it, the army! (Because as well all know from the millions of post apocalyptic TV series/books/movies, the army coming in always helps.)

Great, the army’s here.

They start taking names, are fidgety and nervous, and from next week’s preview, assume they’re all going to be okay.

Daniel on the other hand knows better, he knows it’s too late.


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