Reviewing: Heroes Season 4, “Redemption”

That is the second Parkman I made scream today.

*spoilers, of course*

Here we are, the last season. It’s been bittersweet. I wanted to get more into the show, but at the time same needed to get through it before Reborn started. That doesn’t mean I don’t care about these characters, because I sure as hell do.

The season starts off with Samuel Sullivan and his “family” of a traveling carnival mourning the loss of his brother. Right away we’re shown Samuel can earthbend! Not as well as Toph…but yeah he can move the earth, kind of. Turns out when there’s no other people with abilities around, he can’t do anything (I’m sorry, but what a waste of a power.) Samuel wants to recruit more people for this family and has some kind of compass to lead people to him (I think it has something to do with his ability, maybe the compass points to the vibrations in the ground or something…)

As for our regular heroes everyone is doing their own thing and living pretty normal lives. Claire is off to college, despite having no idea what to do with her life, and meets her future girlfriend. Yep, turns out Claire is bisexual and I prefer her with Gretchen over other people (I think they’re technically a couple.) They gave off a Korassmi vibe, especially when Gretchen tells Claire she’s there for her through everything.

Matt has Sylar in his head and eventually Sylar takes over and has sex with his wife (which is beyond creepy, but that quote up there was hilarious.) Matt’s having problems, but Sylar does leave to go back to his body that is currently playing Nathan. Over time the real Sylar starts to come through and despite his mother constantly denying Nathan is dead, the secret is revealed and Peter has to freaking realize his brother is dead.

Hiro has a brain tumor (which killed me a little inside), and wants to spend the rest of his days redoing his wrongs and starts by changing an event in the past and Ando ends up marrying Hiro’s sister. There were a few episodes where Hiro wanted to save Charlie (AGAIN) and ends up losing her, but then finds her older self, and wants to go back and save her…I didn’t even think Hiro’s story line with Charlie was all that interesting or developed enough for him to become so obsessed with saving her.

Throughout the season Samuel goes around trying to get our Heroes to join his family, and of course Bennet is beyond worried about Claire. I think it’s funny Angela was ready to let Peter blow himself up, but Noah is constantly checking up on Claire. I was surprised he even let her go to school and meet new people, but at least he has a new girlfriend.

Peter meets Emma, a secretary/should be doctor, who can actually see sound in colors (she’s deaf) and when she gets emotional enough, use it as some sort of weapon. I liked Emma, the ability she has is really cool, and again it wasn’t like the second season when I just didn’t care about any new characters. Whether she and Peter have a thing…I think they’re just friends.

Oh and Sylar wants to be good (AGAIN.) He believes Claire will help him discover what he wants and it turns out, he doesn’t want to be alone. I love the sass Matt gives him. Sylar can say all he wants how much he wants to change, but Matt just doesn’t buy it. In the end, Sylar does save Emma without killing anyone and that is pretty freaking huge for him.

We discover Samuel’s plan to out everyone with abilities by putting on a show in New York and swallowing up everyone in the crowd. Our heroes reunite to stop him (rather quickly.) Hiro is able to teleport dozens of people with the help of Ando (which was pretty cool), Claire convinces all of Samuel’s “family” to leave him, and Peter gets his ability (but will Peter also have to be around people with abilities to use it? I swear this is such a stupid power.)

The show ends with “Volume Six: A New Brave World” flashing across the scene which was supposed to be a fifth season, but obviously never came. Claire decides to show the world her powers by jumping off a Ferris wheel and that’s how it ends…

I can’t believe I didn’t watch this when it came out. I’m pretty sure my parents did for the first season, but the concept is one of my favorite things. Man you get so jealous when someone can fly or turn invisible then you get pissed when the person doesn’t want the power.

Despite the ratings being a roller coaster ride this show was pretty groundbreaking. I remember it being everywhere at the time, and now that Heroes: Reborn is starting soon, we’ll get to relive it all over again.


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