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*spoilers, of course*

As some of you may know (because I talk about it more than my love for TV shows) I went through a period while at college where I hated everything. I didn’t want to be there and used TV to escape the urge to drop out. During the time I went through Supernatural I also added Game of Thrones to my list. It was probably the show I got through the fastest.

Instantly it’s my cup of tea: fantasy. I mean there are dragons! Dragons! Magic! Wolves! Zombies!dragon

I’ve always been one for watching more paranormal/Doctor Who type shows with monsters or the end of the world. With Game of Thrones we get a lot of family drama and arguments, but it’s interesting. Sure there are a lot of people out to sit on the Iron Throne but it’s their personal stories that get our attention.

Daenerys Targaryen (well her brother) believes he’s the rightful king and marries his sister to a “savage” Dothraki, Khal Drogo, who turns out to be really sweet to Dany and they eventually conceive a child (after they truly start to love one another.) I love Dany’s transformation. As she get closer to the Dothraki people she becomes more attuned with the people, uses their language, and takes part in their customs. They are strong people and Dany, over time, develops into one as well. She has the strength and leadership qualities she saw in Khal but uses her own kindness and wisdom to be a great and respected ruler (and no one is messing with her or her dragons.)


To be honest there were times I only wanted to watch her storyline. This was what I liked about the show. Most of the characters were easy to like and there were others you questionably liked (except Joffrey, liking him should acquire help.)

Being on HBO the show can do more than if they were on ABC (could you image.) The fighting and gore is something that can easily turn people off. I have a good friend who stopped watching for this reason (well she could barely sit through the Hunger Games…I hope she sees this.) I for one am fine with it, but there’s something else that started to turn me off…

The rape. I cannot stand this. I hate when it’s in a story, period, but watching it…I can’t. I have to skip through. I’ve heard from a few sources the scenes aren’t even in the book (I’m still working on the series), but only put in there because of HBO. Either way it’s not something I can stand to watch.

Regular sex scenes don’t affect me at all, but when there’s at least one in every episode you would think we could get more male nudity. There should be more. This is proof of the inequality of genders in not only Hollywood, but society. Or let’s be completely equal and not sexualize anyone period. From the seasons I’ve watched I think I’ve seen, not even ten, scenes with male nudity, but you get a dozen (that’s exaggerating) female nudity each episode.

Going back to the characters, I said many of them are easy to like, but my god there are so many. The main characters are easy to remember, especially when they have a personality that stands out, but when one shows up that we’re supposed to care about but sort of “does” stuff, they can become forgettable. I swear I couldn’t remember Stannis Baratheon’s name for the longest time, mainly because I didn’t really care about him like I did others.

I guess they have to equal out the deaths.

Hey I have nothing against killing characters off (as a writer it’s something you have to do at times), but holy shit it’s excessive. The main character of the first season was killed off (I’m not saying it was a bad thing, because that was such a twist), but over time it’s hardly surprising because you expect everyone to die (that’s just what everyone should do, expect everyone to die, then you won’t be crying on the couch at 12 in the morning looking through the tags on Tumblr…)

I’ll give them the twists of the deaths though, like the Red Wedding, unless you read the book that was the last thing you expected. Even at this point, we are still surprised at a death (even though we shouldn’t be.)

Actually, I haven’t watched this past season. (We were planning on getting HBO and I would rather avoid the shitty websites.) But it sort of turned my interest away. To me it just got less interesting, I mean Dany’s still over in the desert building up her army and dealing with rulers who treat their people like shit (I know this stuff takes time to build up, but I’ve heard it’s going to be a while until she leaves.) The show still gets an incredible amount of ratings and this is all my own personal opinion, but I guess I wanted to see something start to really happen (what that is, I don’t know.)

Trust me I will catch up eventually, but there are plenty of other shows that still have my attention and that I care more about, so they come first. The action, suspense, surprises, and (most) characters keep the show going and is what I loved most about it. But after time the crude remarks and rape scenes started to turn me off.

I have to give Game of Thrones credit, they are constantly nominated for awards (and never seem to get the recognition.)


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