Reviewing: Fear the Walking Dead, “Not Fade Away”

They do evil cause of fear.

As we have learned in many, many, many shows/movies/books: the army is not nice.

*spoilers, of course*

Apparently when we signed on to watch the beginning of the end of the world we weren’t expecting a nice swim and morning run to be on the criteria. When Nick and Travis were doing two completely normal routines I thought it was a flashback, but then the EVIL army came in.

Chris sits atop a roof talking to his camera and letting us know what has happened in the past nine days: a fence is up, but the lights are out. People are heading east (say hi to Rick) and he thinks he sees someone trying to communicate via flashlight even though they were told everyone/thing outside the fence is dead.

Then the big bad guy of the army comes in to tell the rules (give us exposition) but no one cares because the people aren’t getting what they want.

When will the phones be up!

Hate to break it to ya buddy, but they won’t be, ever, and you probably won’t survive the next episode.

And the evil army guy lets them know they have to shut up or he’ll shoot them.

What a great guy to be leading this whole thing.

Travis has become “mayor” of the people, dealing with problems the army doesn’t want to get involved with. Example being Doug who is freaking out over the whole end of the world thing and Travis has to calm him down (wouldn’t you think Madison would be a better suited for this considering she is a counselor.) The people trust Travis and the army is too EVIL to actually be considerate towards everyone.

But hey don’t let the apocalypse get you down! Everyone is getting some action. Ophelia is having a fling with an army guy and Madison and Travis have some make up sex in his truck…only for Doug’s wife to come in and yell that Doug is missing.

In everyone else’s free time Nick is stealing drugs from a very sick man, Alicia is jabbing a needle into her skin over the heart Matt drew on her, and I GUESS Madison is watching them like a hawk all through this (that’s what she says guys.)

Well finally we get some answers when Travis goes to the EVIL army and tell them Doug is missing, but he’s not, because he’s at headquarters. People, don’t have a panic attack during the apocalypse or the army will think you’re a nuisance to everyone else and take you away.

Actually they’re doing that with everyone, especially thanks to a new Doctor in town. She talks with Liza (who is not actually a nurse, but is taking care of the sick) and Liza takes her through all those with injuries, including Nick still battling his withdraw.

Meanwhile Chris still believes there are people out there and Madison is able to leave the inside (great job you’re doing there, EVIL army.) The streets are filled with the smell of death (don’t worry Madison you’ll get used to it) and the army is shooting people who aren’t sick, just as much as those who are.

Eventually Madison finds out about Nick and gives him quite the beating.

Daniel tells Madison a story of when he was young and the government came and gathered up some of his people. Of course they said the people would return home and they did, in a river, all together, well their bodies did. This turned Daniel into the suspicious man he is and how he knows what’s really going on at “headquarters.”

And wouldn’t you know it, the army breaks into their house at night and takes Daniel’s wife away because she needs medical attention, but they won’t let him come. Instead they came for her AND NICK (as if Madison didn’t feel like shit enough for hitting him.)

They take him and Mrs. Salazar away and Liza goes with to help with those who are sick.

And Madison is pissed.

The episode ends with Alicia reading a note that Susan (remember the neighbor who got sick and her husband came home to find her already gone) left for her husband after she found out. Travis is freaking out over what’s happening and he climbs on top of the roof looking out into the “wasteland.”

At this point I thought he would see the people flashing their lights and get hope to go and help them.

Dammit, of course not.

Instead we see the army shooting up the building, confirming that what Chris saw was real, and there are people still out there.

Man that last scene was a punch in the gut. If only he believed Chris, despite what everyone else said, they could have gotten to them first.

Things are certainly heating up. Like always, the army is not telling them everything and they won’t just “ride it out.” It seems that Daniel and Madison are going to get out and go rescue their family.

I’m sure we won’t get through this series without, at least, one pretty big character death. But for right now, just watching them go through the stress of it all, of the end of the world, is bad enough. It’s only been nine days since the official end! There is plenty of more shit to go down, even with two episodes left.

And remember, despite what you think, the army/government is always bad in these situations.


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