Shows You Should Be Watching: Daredevil

You were right… what you told me over the radio that night. Not everyone deserves a happy ending.

Let’s forget the horrendous cinematic travesty that was Daredevil (2003) and move onto the show that gave Daredevil his name back.

Before starting I should point out all of this takes place in the Marvel Universe. They are not far from where the Avenger’s incident took place and it is brought up plenty of times.

At a young age, Matt Murdock was injured while saving someone from a bad accident and happened to get chemicals in his eyes, causing him to go “blind.” Before he knew it he could hear everything, everything in the city to a person’s heartbeat. Instead of ignoring these abilities Matt trained to become the fighter no one knows about today.


I just love how he’s in amazing shape and no one gives it a second thought. Matt has a great trainer I guess.

Matt Murdock and his partner/best friend Foggy Nelson open up a law firm in Hell’s Kitchen (yes that is the name) and get their first client within seven hours, Karen Page. After proving her innocence, Karen is asked to become the boys secretary. It doesn’t take for the three to become friends.

Daredevil takes place in the early days of Matt’s career as the vigilante, but he soon proves to be way over his head when he gets caught up in taking down a crime lord, Wilson Fisk.

Throughout the series we see Matt reach his breaking points (mentally and physically,) while also keeping his fighting a secret to those close to him. Matt comes off as a typical blind person who can take care of themselves, but can do so much more than that.

*moving onto spoilers*

Daredevil has received praise from everyone for being a different kind of superhero show. Agents of Shield is great, but we don’t get the rawness of what it could be on Netflix. Being on Netflix you know the show is going to do more when it comes to gore, violence, and language than what we’ve seen in Marvel movies so far.

Throughout the fight scenes we see what it’s like when it becomes too much. We see Matt get tired, using every last bit of strength to beat the other guy, and most importantly we see the aftermath. We see what a fight should look like.

Matt does have superhuman hearing, but besides that he has to learn to fight to do anything with those abilities. He can still die.


While growing up with a single father, Matt watched him go into the boxing ring every night and pray he would come home in one piece, but he had no idea his father was also caught up in the crime lord’s business. After Matt lost his sight two men came to his father, telling him to lose a fight, but not wanting to disappoint Matt, he gave it his all.

Matt finds him later dead in the street (because all superheroes have to lose their parent/parents.)


Despite the losses Matt still went to law school, where he met Foggy.

Matt and Foggy’s relationship is great. They have chemistry and when Foggy discovers Matt’s secret the scene is heartbreaking. We even get some flashbacks of them first meeting at school.


If there’s one thing you learn from the show it’s this: you can’t trust anyone and I swear on this show you can’t. When you think one person is trustworthy they turn out to be on the wrong side. Everyone on the police force works for Fisk (except for one cop who they don’t actually get help from until the end), the judge, everyone, so no one can truly get away with their crimes. Matt wants to put all the murders, rapists, and crime lords away, but soon discovers the fist fights can’t win every time. Hey being a lawyer, Matt finally uses the law to win this war.


There are plenty of other characters to like. Karen can easily stand her ground next to the boys and is the biggest voice in the fight against Fisk. She wants justice for the murder she was never a part of and goes to great lengths to get what she needs, and teams up with journalist Ben Urich. Ben did many stories in the past, but has been forced to dumb down his work. Unfortunately after writing a piece that could get Fisk in trouble, he’s murdered.

There’s also Claire Temple, one of the few people who knew Matt’s secret after finding him half dead in a dumpster. Being a nurse (that helps) she’s able to repair him after deadly fights and he can still keep his secret. Claire is a very normal person thrown into the world of crime lords. She’s even taken at one point and Matt saves her, but she ends it with swinging a bat at one of her captures head. It’s been said the two’s relationship isn’t necessarily romantic, but t\hey become close and can open up and “take off their masks.” Claire does leave, not wanting to see Matt die and to get away for a big war starts.


Now we’re at the villain, Wilson Fisk. Immediately you don’t want to like him, obviously after murdering many people to be a head of the game. However, there is a charm to him. We see him fall in love with an art curator, Vanessa, and soon he starts to care more for her. Even after all those years in the shadows, Fisk comes out as a sort of “savior” to the city with her at his side (which makes it harder for the trio to bring him down.) Fisk enjoys the nice things in life even after a dark past. I have to say he and Vanessa’s relationship is very real and I actually enjoyed it. Unlike the Walking Dead when we had to watch the Governor’s episodes, I liked going through Fisk’s day (I also just hate the Governor.)

Even the bad guy can be likable at times.


To be honest, the beginning of the first episode does start a little slow, but the show picks up and doesn’t stop from there. Watching Matt go from beating people in an alley secretly to becoming Daredevil is great development. In a way he grows up and realizes he can’t always be Daredevil to beat the guy, even though in the end Daredevil did put Fisk away.

I really can’t wait for season 2, especially for The Punisher, but we have Jessica Jones starting soon. Until then, all of the episodes are there for the watching on Netflix to binge over a weekend.



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