Preparation for Heroes Reborn

Save the cheerleader. Save the world.

*spoilers, of course*

The ground breaking show that introduced a world with people who have superhuman abilities returns tonight. So far I’ve seen reviews that praise the show for returning to what it was. Throughout the four seasons, Heroes ratings dropped, and things fell out of whack. New characters were thrown in that had nothing to do with the plot, plotlines didn’t make sense, and main characters were sent off to places unknown that just didn’t make sense for the character.

In the beginning however, things were good. The first season did it right: a group of people understanding their powers and were all connected to save the world. The way they end up together in the end to save the world was so cool. Some had never met and yet they were all there.

Heroes Reborn sounds just like that. We’re being introduced to a new group of characters who will have to come together and save the world, except this time, part of the world wants them dead.

Thanks to Claire Bennet, (a girl who could not die) revealed herself to the world at the end of the series. Some people could not accept them for who they are and an attack awakens those who were once part of the original “crew.” Noah Bennet, Clair’s adoptive father, once “bagged and tagged” those with abilities, but sort of turned into a good guy, is a main part of the show. Noah was a main part of the original Heroes, which can only mean there will be heroes in aid.

Most people know him as, “the guy in the glasses.”


Then we have Hiro Nakamura, with the ability to bend space and time. Hiro can travel anywhere, at any time, but can also freeze time. Personally, Hiro is probably my favorite character. When he found out about his power he embraced it and wanted to save the world. During Heroes we saw a future Hiro with long hair and carrying a sword and I’m so happy to see Hiro continued down that path.


Matt Parkman wanted to be more than a cop and got his opportunity when he gained the ability to read minds, and eventually, control them. Matt has always wanted a normal life and even when it was achieved, the hero part of it came back for him to save the world. When Heroes ended Matt had a family, but the past is calling for him to get back in the game.


Mohinder Suresh followed in his father’s footsteps to learn more about people with abilities. When he discovered it was true, he wanted to cure them. When he discovered a formula, he injected himself with it, giving him superhuman strength. Mohinder is much like Matt, wanting to have a normal life, but isn’t as reluctant to use his powers to help.


Micha Sanders was young when he became a technopath and became known as “Rebel.” At one point the government was rounding up heroes and locking them away, but Micha used his powers to break them out and hack into systems. It’s been five years so obviously he’s grown up, but it will be interesting to see if Rebel is still there.


Angela Petrelli’s powers were never discussed at first, but soon we found out she could dream the future. Angela was an original founder of “The Company,” the people Noah worked for who “bagged and tagged.” Angela seems to never make the right decision and you can’t decide if you like her or not. Let’s just say Angela never made up for her mistakes either.


Then there’s the Haitian, who has the worst job. He has the ability to wipe memories BUT ALSO take away the powers of another hero (temporarily) while he’s around. So any time anyone (usually Angela or Noah) needed the dirty work done, the Haitian was there. One day I would love to hear him say he’s done taking orders.


I’m glad to see characters returning, but not as a main cast member (except Noah.) Heroes fans want to know what everyone’s been up to. What happened to Claire after she revealed herself? Did Hiro grow his hair out only because he saw his future self that way (okay that probably won’t be a question needing an answer, but he just looks so cool.)

What can we expect?

Well like anything different, people are going to be against it. Whether they see it as unnatural or God-hating, people will be against the heroes. Some heroes may be against the heroes. Many don’t want the powers and others embrace it wholeheartedly (compare Matt to Hiro.)

In each season of Heroes, the heroes needed to save the world (literally every season,) and it looks like nothing has changed.


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