Reviewing: Heroes Reborn, “Brave New World” and “Odessa”

Heroes had gotten a bad rap within its last few seasons after it lost the charisma it had in the first season. Well from the looks of it we may be getting that spark back.

Like the original Heroes, Reborn takes us through the lives of “Evos” (Evo = Evolved.) I just keep calling them heroes. Anyway, these Evos are mostly in hiding after a horrible event happened in Odessa, Texas (always Odessa.)

One example is Peter Pan (sorry, Tommy. I keep calling him Peter Pan for those Once Upon a Time fans,) who has been travelling around with his mom a lot, trying to find a place to hide. He stated he got his powers at a young age. It seems that is how all of these Evos have gotten their abilities. Nothing from a test tube (for now.)

Of course there are some new baddies on the show. There’s couple set on revenge after an incident and a company going after Evos (I’m pretty sure they’re not working together.) Like anything that makes a person different, there are some people who just can’t accept them (I say they’re jealous.)

But there is one thing we know: there are more Evos on Earth than ever before and I’m excited to see where the show goes with this.

*moving onto spoilers, of course*

The episode opens with Noah Bennet leaving a message for his daughter, Claire. Apparently they have not talked in years, but he plans on seeing her at this “expo of Evos” of sorts. More like a rally that will unite humans and Evos. There are hundreds of people there with and without powers.

A dark shadow looms over everyone and a bomb is dropped on June 13 (remember this date.)

A year after this Evos are being hunted down, much like how it was in the past when they were “bagged and tagged.” Finally we’re in present time and meeting our main characters.

There’s Tommy (Peter Pan) who has a similar power to Hiro, he can teleport people/things, but has no idea where they go. EXCEPT we find out they go where he’s thinking about (that was pretty obvious.) He likes this girl, who has a douche boyfriend so we can root for Tommy more, and they both find out about his power.

Miko, a young teenager living in Japan, is confronted by a boy named Ren who says she looks like/is a girl in a comic book: “Katana Girl.” It really reminds you of Hiro/Ando and Hiro being in the comic book. But this is different. Miko’s father has a sword and when she unsheathed it, she’s transported into a video game. I gotta admit this is pretty cool when everything is animated. She’s automatically a sword master and in the end, is able to fight in the real world as well. And I swear, the author’s picture on the back of the book looks like an older Ando. Maybe I’m crazy, maybe it’s someone else I should remember, but my first thought was, “Ando?”

Carlos, a war hero, has returned home only for his brother to be killed. His brother and nephew have powers, and by using his powers, Carlo’s brother became a vigilante of sorts (like Batman.) When he dies Carlos takes over the persona. As far as I can tell, Carlos has no powers (at least not right now.) And to be honest this was the storyline I was least interested in.

Noah is going through some memory loss, not able to remember what really happened on June 13. Apparently Claire died (EXCUSE ME WHAT) and is confronted by a man named Quentin. He wants to help Noah figure this whole thing out. At first Noah is skeptic, but is eventually turned after HE KILLS THE HAITIAN. WHAT THE HELL STOP KILLING EVERYONE.

Quentin seems off at first. Why does this random guy want to help Noah remember? Well apparently his sister (who has the ability to control darkness, how freaking cool is that) was taken and he needs all the help he can get. Noah and Quentin return to Primatech and discover there are people still working there (underground,) but Noah finds them all dead.

Why are they all dead? Here I introduce you to the dicks of the season.

Zachary effing Levi how dare you.

Luke and Judith Collins were there on June 13 with their son who died in the bombing. Instead of searching for the people responsible (actually to say something I forgot: freaking Mohinder Suresh is being blamed for the bombings, even though most people know it’s a cover up,) they go around murdering all the Evos.


Because they’re unnatural and not safe.

They had nothing to do with your son’s death, but yeah kill them all.

I can honestly say I hate these two more than Sylar and holy shit that is hard to do. At least Sylar killed people to gain more power and give him the benefit of the doubt, for a while he did try to stop. These two gain nothing from this except more anger. They don’t realize killing all the Evos is not helping them get over their son’s death, but making the anger grow. It’s funny when Tommy sends them away and they’re stuck in a room together. At least for a while they weren’t killing people.

Going into the second chapter we see Molly (obviously more than five years older than the last time.) She’s trying to get money to disappear, but unfortunately is captured. Whoever the true bad guys are need her (probably to track down other Evos.)

There is the “Penny Man” (that’s what I’m calling him) who follows Tommy around and uses pennies to take away people’s memories (or something like that.) He carries a briefcase full of pennies and at first I thought it was only so he could say bad penny puns when interrogating people. “Penny for your thoughts?”

I’m pretty sure Penny Man is a good guy. He’s been protecting Tommy. Why? No idea.

Throughout this whole episode I was just waiting to see an old character. I swear every second I thought, “Where’s Hiro?” I about jumped up when I saw the Haitian, I’ll probably do backflips when Hiro shows up. We saw a picture of Mohinder. I’m ready to see everyone else.

I don’t believe Claire is dead (actually her whereabouts are unknown.) For the love of god you’re telling me she didn’t survive a bombing? Sorry, no, I don’t believe that at all.

Other than Carlos’s storyline (sorry Carlos, my feelings could change) I enjoyed the episodes. We barely got to meet the Avatar. Whatever she’s trying to control is becoming harder to keep in line (it looks like an eclipse that may create more Evos.) I think I enjoyed Miko’s storyline the most and Tommy is up there (with the exception of his future girlfriend that made me roll my eyes most of the time.)

And of course, I want to know what really happened on June 13.


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