Reviewing: Fear the Walking Dead, “Cobalt”

And so we learn the army are even bigger dicks than we thought the previous episode.

*spoilers of course*

Poor Doug can’t seem to catch a break. The looming apocalypse has broken him down only for some, weird guy to come in and mess with his feelings. I have no idea who this guy is or what is his purpose. (On IMDB his name is Strand.) I guess he helps people or maybe he’s just another person captured and has taken it upon himself to cause even more problems. I’m not sure how I feel about him yet.

But back to our main characters, Ofelia is pissed her mom was taken away and she’s getting no answers. At least she has a convenient army boyfriend to take her home, calm her down, and be captured and tortured by Daniel to get information about his wife.

Daniel in the beginning of the apocalypse is Rick now. He is doing anything to get to the woman he loves. You have to feel for this kid, but he is just doing his job. He has secrets to keep. However there is one word over his radio we’ve been hearing a lot: Cobalt. What is Cobalt? Daniel has gone to extreme lengths to find out what it means.

In other character news: Alicia seems to be perking up a bit when she and Chris raid a house, dress up like they’re going to prom or something, and break everything. Hey, you have to find some way to pass the time. They seemed a bit bitter about the possessions these people owned. They had everything, got their kids whatever they wanted, and in a way were taking it out by destroying all their belongings.

Madison is…I don’t even know anymore. I don’t know if it’s just me or is her character just coming off the wrong way? I swear she has no emotions. Even when Nick was being taken away it didn’t sound like she was THAT upset. I guess I’m supposed to be rooting for her, but there’s nothing there.

Travis is finding a different way to get information: going straight to the man. Actually the guy in charge decides to take Travis to headquarters so he can see everything for himself. While out on the streets they spot a Walker and use a point system while shooting it. Hey no wonder the streets are filled with freaking bodies. These idiots are ranking their kills. They want Travis to shoot someone and at first this girl looks pretty damn creepy. But he sees a name tag she was wearing and remembers, “Oh yeah, she was a human being at one point probably not that long ago,” and doesn’t go through with it. Can you blame him this early on?

Liza is at headquarters/the command center and is following Dr. Whatsherface around the base. (Dr. Exner, sorry I just don’t care about this character at all and can’t even remember her name.) They eventually find Griselda becoming delusional and she passes away. Liza is the one to put a bullet (or stake, whatever that was) in her head. I wish I had a tear or something for this scene, but I felt nothing. Maybe I’m just too used to people dying on these shows it doesn’t affect me anymore.

Moving back to Travis, he and the army guys are on their way when they have to go on a rescue mission and apparently not even a large group of trained fighters can kill a group of walkers. The survivors and Travis return home only for Travis to find Daniel, Madison, and Ofelia after the torturing of Ofelia’s boyfriend.

At least we finally found out what Cobalt was. Okay what is this big secret word?

The army is ordered to leave the “safe-base” they created for these people, but before they do that they have to kill all the survivors there.

Uh what?

Is that why most of these army guys are coming off as dicks? Because any humane person, soldier or not, would not do that. Why kill everyone? Why kill off the strong people who would obviously be helpful in the many years to come? What the hell is the purpose of all this? Maybe they’re running out of medicine or space or food, but is this really the solution? Absolutely not and wow they are really trying to make us hate the army/government even more.

This reminded me of the story Michonne was telling Carl about her son. They were on a military-guarded area and after she came back from a run saw the whole place was taken over by Walkers that killed her family. It makes you suspicious: did they do it on purpose? Did they let the Walkers in? I’ll talk about that in a minute.

So Nick is in a cage/prison with Strand (there are cages all over the headquarters, filled with people. Hell, they even have to go to the bathroom in there.) They want to take Nick away because he has a fever (probably from the withdraw) but Strand trades some diamonds to save him. Why? Well he needs Nick’s talents in the hours to come (what those talents are I have yet to figure out.) I’ll give the show some credit, I do care about Nick more than most people.

The episode ends with Daniel finding a building locked up with Walkers inside. Are they going to do what they did to Michonne and let all the Walkers out, making it look like an accident that killed everyone? What’s the point of having them there?

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

You know to be honest I really only care about Travis and Nick. Everyone else comes off weird. I said about Madison having no personality and it seems her daughter is right there with her (I cannot blame the actress who is also on the 100. Her character on there is a freaking leader who does shit and you still like her.) Chris seems meh, Liza is at least caring and wants to help people, and Daniel has gone through too much shit to get him where he is today.

There’s one episode left so obviously we have to see how this ends, but is anyone else just ready for The Walking Dead to start? Because that is all I think about during each episode.

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