Recapping: Supernatural

With season 11 approaching it’s time to look back and see how we got here.

And by here, I mean here:


*spoilers, of course*

For the last, five or so seasons, Supernatural has gotten mixed reviews. Some think it’s long past it’s due and should have ended in season five. Others love and are dedicated to the show and would hate to see it end. I held on (barely.) Over time I stopped watching most filler episodes and could still keep up with the plot. It’s basically the characters that keep me going. I love the idea of Supernatural but for the love of god please broaden your horizon. We’ve barely scratched the monsters and myths, all of Europe is there for the taking!

This is not a Thoughts On….however, all of that bullshit has led up to the darkness being released. Weirdly, Supernatural and Once Upon a Time’s darkness is very similar. Darkness must have a host or it could destroy the whole world. The big difference between the two is in Supernatural, darkness didn’t find a new host. It’s out there and the brothers will have to come together and fight it.

Last season had so much potential with Dean becoming a demon. Unfortunately it only lasted, what, three episodes? The rest of the season was dedicated to Dean trying not to succumb to the mark’s urges. That whole mark thing lasted way too long. We get it, the thing is trying to turn Dean back into a demon and become a monster. What should have been horrifying episodes where Dean goes off the deep end just fall flat. Sam and Dean were constantly fighting (what the hell else is new?) Cas, I felt, didn’t do as much. What the hell did Cas even do? Oh yeah this.


Crowley’s mom, Rowena, was introduced. Finally! A female character that would do something! Er, sort of. Rowena is supposed to be a powerful witch and that we have yet to see. So she can open locks and recite spells. What else other than trying to kill Crowley? I wish she did more. I liked her, but not enough. I did like her and Crowley’s moments though.


Then there was the 200th episode and how can you not like it? My mom didn’t get it, but you kind of have to be an 11 season fan to get most of the jokes and the significance of Carry On My Wayward Son. It was nice to veer away from the main plot line (haha I should not say that) and actually enjoy an episode.


But there were many lows, number one being Charlie. They killed Charlie! Why? So the brothers had more reason to kill the two episode bad guys? Oh my god did Charlie’s death piss me off. And Metatron is still alive? Why? Why? He serves no purpose and pisses everyone off. He’s not in the least bit threatening and man do I hate this guy. But Charlie? No we have to kill her off.


Plus there were so many different…villains? I couldn’t tell who the boys were supposed to be fighting. Each season should have one main bad guy they go after (Lucifer, Dick Roman, even Crowley for the 5,000th time.) This one went all over the place.

Oh and Dean killed death.


In the end Rowena said the curse to get rid of the Mark and release the darkness. Woo. Now the brothers have to come together, stop hiding shit from one another, and defeat this thing.

The creators have stated plenty of times it should remind us of the first season: they have a common goal and will do whatever it takes to kill (?) it. I’m not sure how they can do it without God. From the previews it looks like the darkness infects people (*cough* Croatoan) and they become violent. We’ve only seen a small tidbit of the season. I feel like they are keeping a lot under-wraps which is hopefully a good thing.

We better not be lied to. We better get what we signed up for. We better see Dean and Sam get some damn character development and stop hiding stuff from one another!

I’m hoping for a good season. I want a good season! Because last was a disappointment. I have high hopes Supernatural, don’t let me down.


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