Reviewing: Jurassic World

I was not one of the people to see the movie in theaters, but did see many people review it. Some liked it, some hated it. I’m somewhere around the middle, but let’s get right to it.


*spoilers, of course*

For starters, we know this is a continuation of the first movie and the second and third are never mentioned. Look, we know it can’t get any better than Jurassic Park, but man there were a ton of moments they used from it. There were the kids looking up through glass at the dinosaur ready to eat them, to the Brachiosaurus vs Triceratops, and even Rexy saving the day. What else could you do with a plot like this? I’m sure there are plenty of other creative ways but for now we’re stuck at a dinosaur amusement park obviously not working.

As for the main characters, I didn’t mind them. Claire was a good main female character, even while she ran in heels! I don’t care how many people complain about that I find it totally believable someone could run in heels. Hell there are marathons centered around it. Women do it as exercise so that didn’t bother me. What did was how she was so caught up in her work to spend time with her family (one of those) and doesn’t really care about the animals…until she sees one dying. That’s all it took for her to see how such an emotionless person she was. She didn’t even know how old her nephews were.

Ah the nephews…meh. The oldest one only cared about girls and staring creepily at them. And his little brother (thank god) is a genius. He even started up a jeep that hadn’t been used in years! I love when their mom cries over their aunt ignoring them because the oldest one is always so mean to his brother. Except he isn’t, like at all. Sure there’s the usual sibling banter, but he was never MEAN to him. But yeah, they hate each other.

It was funny when he seemed so disinterested in the park. I don’t care how old you are there’s no way you’d rather be looking at your phone rather than dinosaurs. In the end I doubt anyone cared about them. They were just a bad replication of the brother and sister from the first movie.

Note I never said their names because honestly, I don’t remember them.

But then there’s our saving grace Owen (Chris Pratt is amazing.) His relationship with Claire was so damn forced and out of freaking nowhere. They had one date and never talked again, but she saves him from some dinosaurs and they’re making out?

Other than that I loved him. I loved his relationship the Raptors (no matter how many people hated it!) I like that he’s been training them since they were born, which makes sense that they would respect him, but they’re still raptors! They would kill him if they caught him off guard. Except Blue, I loved his relationship with her more than Claire!


And there’s a bunch of side characters. Larry is the only one’s name I remember. He stayed behind when everyone left and damn that left an impression, I guess. There were the people who worked in the lab, reoccurring character Henry Wu who turned bad? Why? He seemed so proud of his work why use it for the military?

OH GOD the military thing got old. Kingpin (that is what I know him as) was so obsessed with those Raptors and using them for war you just KNEW he was going to die. You KNEW it. But then Henry got away with the embryos so…is the sequel involving a dinosaur war?

Moving on from the people let’s go to the stars of the show: the dinosaurs. Indominus Rex was pretty cool. I really liked when she blended in with the environment. Why was the fact that she’s part T-Rex, part Raptor a big deal? What other dinosaur would make sense? Yes she’s part T-Rex part…Triceratops. Like they said though, she was more of a monster, killing for sport.

Man did she have to kill all the Brachiosauruses though? That scene was pretty emotional, I only wish they made a real one! Like the Triceratops! It would have made a much bigger impact if she looked real. Yeah they were all CGI and that’s something I don’t usually care about (unless you CGI a forest or something, then that’s just lazy to me.)

I actually liked the Raptors? Probably because they weren’t going around killing everyone and had cute camera headsets. They had names! How could you not realize…oh my god the Raptors are cute?

In the end though, we knew who the real queen of the jungle was. I’ll give the movie credit, I loved how Rexy was put on the back burner throughout the whole movie. You actually forget about her until that final moment and you freak out over the final fight. It was a great one too. Sure Blue coming in at the last-minute to save her was cliche but it was great seeing them work together and have some sort of respect (?) in the end. Or at least not try to kill one another. Oh and she’s the same T-Rex from the first movie. How awesome is that?

Some other little things: what was the point of the boys parents getting a divorce? It didn’t really do anything for the story except make us feel for them more I guess? The black guy didn’t die! That surprised me a lot. The park looked cool, I mean it made you want to go there. I understand how people could get tired of the regular dinosaurs and want more, but me? Hell I could go there every day and be satisfied. They had a baby petting zoo! They made many references to the first movie and that was cool.

Do I care if Claire and Owen got together? Eh not really. Do I care if the parents are still together? Eh, not at all.

Do I care if Blue and Rexy hang out from time to time with the Mosasaur? Yes, yes I do.


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