Reviewing: Fear the Walking Dead, “The Good Man”

As the season comes to a close, we got a great finale that left us wondering where the characters are off to next.

*spoilers, of course*

With the army evacuating the base so are our main characters. Madison and Travis still want to go with their plan to head east (I wonder why they are so keen on that…The Talking Dead brought up what could be an insane twist with Madison and Rick.)

But there’s the dilemma with the soldier Andy who is still tied up. Daniel wants to kill him, but he’s convinced to use him to get around the compound when they go save the rest of the family.

Back at the compound it looks like the hospital is filling up with even more infected and they need to move. Dr. Whatshername tells Liza to come but she could only bring Travis and Chris and agrees to it (like Travis would agree to it.)

On their way out Daniel sets loose all the Walkers that were being held in a building next to the compound and there were a lot! The army is distracted by the herd and Travis, Madison, Daniel, and Ofelia sneak inside. At this point I’m just waiting for the reveal of Griselda’s death.

Nick and Strand get out of their cell (while leaving everyone else…dicks) but get caught in a hallway where Walkers are ready to eat them. We have a brief moment of, “Oh shit Nick is going to die!” and it even seemed like he accepted it by telling Madison to just go, but in the end they’re saved.

And thank goodness or else we won’t have Strand and his boat to escape the apocalypse from. Yes, Strand tells them they could wait it out on the water. I’m still sitting here wondering who the hell Strand is, why he cares about Nick and is helping him, and why the main characters are even trusting him. I guess good gestures just don’t resonate with me in the zombie apocalypse (thanks Walking Dead.)

So Daniel and Ofelia are told the news about Griselda and by the time they get out of the compound it’s now daylight and all the bodies outside have been burned. A lot of actual dead people. This causes Ofelia to finally break down, considering not even news about her mother’s death did it.

They get back to the area where Chris and Alicia are waiting when Andy comes in guns blazing. Apparently being tied up and tortured just doesn’t sit well with him because he’s ready to kill Daniel when Ofelia tries to talk some sense into him. In a move I didn’t see coming Andy actually shoots Ofelia and Travis gives him a beat down. He was probably a few hits away from killing him and for a second you see Rick in him.

Travis reminded me of Rick a bit (a bit.) They both started out as sort of “mayors” for their people, always putting themselves out there as a leader and never wanted to kill anyone just to kill them, but over time shit gets to you. Granted Travis has barely been through shit, but even at the beginning you know Rick would’ve done the same thing in a similar situation.

Ofelia is okay (she was only hit in the shoulder) and the group is off with Strand to his freaking beach house on the rocks that seems like a great spot itself to hide out the zombie apocalypse. Instead they will be heading out to Abigail, Strand’s yacht. We’ve heard it millions of times, “Just go out to the ocean. Get on a boat and get away from the zombies,” in any post apocalyptic movie/show/book. Now we’ll get to see for ourselves what it’s like and what other dangers lie ahead for them.

But this is Fear the Walking Dead and we can’t just end on this note. Liza has a moment with Chris where she tells him she loves him so much which Madison finds strange. Liza walks down to the rocks edge and it starts to hit you what’s going on: Liza was bit.


Madison and Travis tell her they can figure it out, that she’ll be okay, but Liza let’s them no there’s cure. You get bit you die and eventually turn. You die, you turn. There’s no way out. There’s actually a pretty sad moment between her and Travis and Madison ends up shooting her and that gets everyone’s attention back at the house.

Travis makes his way down to the beach and Madison comforts him. Despite them being divorced, obviously a part of him will love her in a way. Chris will forever be a changed person and this is only the beginning of the losses they are about to deal with.


I thought it was a pretty damn good season finale. You can’t get through one without someone dying or something drastic happening. It was just a matter of wondering who was going to die and for a second I really though it would be Nick (and thankfully it wasn’t.) He had a moment with Madison when he’s telling her this, the whole apocalypse situation, is what he felt like his life has been like for the longest time, and people are finally starting to catch up with him. It’s pretty sad really thinking about it. Every day for Nick was like the end of the world.

On the Talking Dead we were told there are plenty of dangers on the sea. They aren’t the only ones who had the bright idea to escape the mainland. And will Tobias return? The one who turned out to be a fan favorite despite being in two episodes (and a mini webisode.)


Overall I liked the season. There were some dull moments and the characters have yet to capture my attention, but hopefully the next season will give us more episodes and we can connect with them more. I’m excited to see where season 2 takes us but for the time being, it’s time to worry about characters we care far more about.


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