Reviewing: Sleepy Hollow, “I, Witness”

I have given you the horseman’s powers, the power of death, now bring me fear.

After a rather disappointing season two, Sleep Hollow is trying to rediscover its roots and take us back to the show that captured our attention in the beginning.

*spoilers, of course*

We’re wasting no time with the new villain introduction. The horseman of death is just riding along in the woods when a (witch?) named Pandora comes across him and puts him inside a box. (Pandora’s box? Or is SHE Pandora’s box? Why name herself after a box?) Because of this offering a demon is summoned and is sent out into the world to get her fear, for some reason. Pandora is very into getting fear nowadays.


Cut to one of our main characters, Abby Mills. Abby has stepped up and joined the FBI. Before the witness and apocalypse happened Abby had a plan for her life and she’s going through with it. Why is Abby doing this and not working with Crane? Well because they haven’t spoken for nine months.

Crane needed some time to himself and eventually stopped trying to contact anyone. Over time he started traveling and discovered a tablet that told of a prophecy (sigh) about him and Abby. While trying to smuggle it back into the US, Crane was arrested and Abby has to bail him out.

It’s nice to see them reunite and catch up on things. Crane is fully convinced apocalypse 2.0 is happening, but Abby is reluctant to jump back into the witness duty. But there’s a monster out there that is attracted to aggression and gun power and needs to be stopped.

Conveniently, Benjamin Franklin’s sketchbook talks about a red devil that killed many people at Bunker Hill. What I always liked about Sleepy Hollow is how they tie in the monster lure with the past. This thing didn’t happen the way you think it did. Like Betsy Ross: she’s more than just a flag woman but a highly skilled assassin who has a thing for Crane. I do recall them saying something about her a while back, but never thought she’d turn out to be more. She’s in the opening credits so we’ll be seeing a lot more of her (either in our time or the past.) I actually liked Betsy, she seems alright for now, but does Crane constantly need a love interest?

At least Jenny is here to help them out. Where would they be without her? She’s skilled at finding things and shooting people. Jenny should be around more often. At the moment she’s trying to find a job and currently working at a bar. I’m sure her skills could play a much bigger role somewhere else (like a secret monster organization or something.)

But Abby still has her FBI job to worry about. They are currently tracking some drug lords. There’s going to be a big shootout which would attract the monster. Abby ends up wounding it, but it kills her commander first. Ah yes that commander of hers who we cared so much about…not him. In the end Abby does kill it and we are reminded what Sleepy Hollow used to be like. Abby and Crane hunted down a monster, killed it, and Crane said some quirks in there.

Thank goodness there’s still that humor. Crane complains about something modern and Abby is snarky about it. They end up going to a Colonial Times themed restaurant and Crane can’t believe they are using America’s history this way. Special artifacts are being held in a case next to people eating. Even the menu is to die for, “Eggs Benedict Arnold.” Amazing, but Crane continues to complain about it. I hope they go back there so we can see the life-sized Benjamin Franklin bobblehead again.


While at the bar Abby meets Pandora. Pandora must know who she is as she purposely starts talking to her. At the moment I like Pandora. It would be nice to see a witch actually do something! (I’m talking about you Katrina.) She seems threatening enough but what her plan is I have no idea. There’s a plant she waters and grows immediately and the box she’s asking for help or something.

Actually, I stopped watching mid-season of season two. I couldn’t really tell you what happened except for the finale, because I did want to see how it ended (thankfully with Katrina’s death.) I enjoyed season one a lot and want to enjoy it again. We’ll see where this goes. The episode was good though.



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