Women in Fiction: Michonne

Don’t you want one more day with a chance?

*spoilers, of course. also I’m talking about Michonne from TV with no comic book references.*

A kickass, sword fighting woman who takes no shit and doesn’t fall into the cliche of falling for a guy and losing her own identity. God, I love Michonne.


In her previous life, that life being before the apocalypse, not much is known about Michonne. She had a son with her boyfriend Mike and seemed to be into art. Everything was all good and well until Walkers came into the picture. Overtime Michonne became a threat with her katana and could protect her family. The three of them plus one of Mike’s friends went to a refugee camp. While out on a run one day she came back to see the place devoured by walkers, her son included. Mike and his friend Terry were bit and Michonne used them to her advantage. Until Michonne met Andrea and became part of the group she used them as camouflage from other Walkers and was alone.

Now when Andrea came into the picture things changed. Michonne met someone she could care about but never really showed it. Being an introvert, Michonne has a hard time opening up to people (I can 100% relate.) When they were “rescued” by the Governor, Michonne never trusted him and tried to convince Andrea to leave. Deciding not to, Michonne was left on her own to be tracked down by the Governor’s men. This is when she spots Glenn and Maggie.

After watching them be captured she finds her way to the prison and tells them what happened. Some are not ready to trust her and she’s the same way to them. Michonne barely talks, but does become an asset by going on runs. She even sees Rick talking to his dead wife and can relate, being that she still sometimes talks to Mike. When they talk about it, in a way it gives them the window for an opportunity at friendship.

Eventually they decide Michonne should be part of the group and of course she agrees. A rescue mission to save Andrea ends with them discovering she’s been bit and this is the first time we see Michonne break down the way she did over it. But she never leaves Andrea’s side, even when she kills herself.


When a new season starts we see Michonne has become close to the group and, especially Carl. Their relationship grows strong overtime. Whether you think they’re friends or Michonne becomes more of a mother to Carl, there’s no denying how much they love each other. I for one love their relationship. Some argue she’s even a better mother than Lori ever was. Yeah, in a way Carl is the son she should have never lost.


Towards the middle of season three, when the Governor captures her and Hershel and eventually beheads him, it’s a joy seeing Michonne put her sword through his chest. God I hate the Governor (I wish that woman would have left him for the walkers to eat.)


Because of what happened Michonne goes off on her own again, not wanting to get involved with people seeing that they always die. For some time she becomes that quiet, lonely person surrounded by Walkers. Finally, after seeing a Walker that resembles her, she figures out she needs those people. She needs her family and goes off to find them.

Walkers and Michonne (Danai Gurira) - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Gene Page/AMC

Thankfully she finds Rick and Carl and the three are on their own. I love this group. I’ll admit, I love Rick and Michonne together. It’s right there for the taking! They’ve become so close and she’s already a motherly figure to Carl. Those moments she has with Rick, just the two of them, are great. Hell, they even look like they love one another (maybe not in the romantic way at the moment) but it wouldn’t be a shocker if that’s what happens.


Michonne even begins to the see the light and becomes more positive. She wants to give Terminus a chance, she wants to give Alexandria a chance. She believes Alexandria is their opportunity to survive in the world. (Obviously that is not going to happen, but let the girl believe.) Hell she even puts away her sword knowing she doesn’t need it anymore. In the end, after a drunk abuser uses it, she realizes she does. Michonne can be the “new” Michonne but with her sword.


I said it before, but I’ll say it again: I love Michonne. I get the way she is. I get how easy it is to cut yourself off from the world and be alone, but in this situation being with people is your best bet at survival and still having those connections. Michonne is easily a fighter, one of the best, but she’ll do whatever it takes to save the people she loves. I believe she’d go as far as Rick has if the opportunity demands it.

It was great watching Michonne’s character development. From being the person she was to realizing she can’t live in this world alone.



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