Women in Fiction: Maggie

I don’t want to be afraid of being alive.

*spoilers, of course. and again, TV version*

It seems that out of all the women on the Walking Dead, Maggie is the most sexualized. Not gong to lie, I was looking up pictures for this post and most of them were Lauren Cohan in a photo shoot or that moment the governor forced her to take her shirt off. It’s pretty sad because Maggie a great character, but a lot of people only see her looks. (And it’s even sadder that a scene that is traumatizing to Maggie is now one of the most looked up images.)

I don’t want this to be about that. There is so much more to Maggie, but I hate when a character is overlooked because of how they look.

Moving on….one thing people love about the show is Maggie and Glenn together. What I love about their relationship is they are great together, but great a part. They are their own characters and you love them separately. But you love them as a couple, a couple you root for and make photo gifs about.


In the beginning, when the group first meets the Greene family, Maggie is the only one to put herself out there and have conversations with them. You can tell despite being raised in a Christian household, Maggie has different views. When Rick needs to tell Lori about Carl being shot, Maggie is the one to go find her. When the group is talking together, talking about plans, Maggie is right there with them. I’m sure she was sick of being stuck in a house with her family and finally meeting new people gave her a relief, but Maggie didn’t want to hide inside like Beth or even Hershel. She wanted to meet them.

It’s pretty obvious Glenn starts to like her and they even have sex in a pharmacy. Glenn being so awkward around her at first is hilarious. Maggie is so confident in herself she says it right there, “I’ll have sex with you.” In a way she helped Glenn’s confidence. She’s confident and that pushed him to be more than just the person who goes out and gets supplies.

Maggie’s one of the first people on the farm to believe the dead are dead and there’s no saving them. Yeah, Maggie is definitely one of the more open-minded people in her family. Later on she even says she’s not religious anymore.

Throughout the show Maggie gets way better at defending herself. Not that she couldn’t before, but she just goes after it. She gets in there and doesn’t hesitate. From using a knife or a gun, no one has to worry about Maggie.



But, OF COURSE, she needs to go through hell. Oh god do you feel for Maggie. Not only did she watch some of her family/friends die on the farm, but she was there when Lori was giving birth. She had to cut into Lori to save the baby and be in the same room when Carl kills her. That’s some shit you can’t just get over.


As time goes on she loses more friends, but when it comes to her family, that’s when it starts to get to her. After Hershel’s death she doesn’t take it well. It doesn’t help that she can’t find Glenn, the one person who she can always count on. At this point they are “married.” It’s kind of funny how much she wanted to find Glenn but not Beth. I think she pretty much thought Beth didn’t survive the attack on the prison, but after all that she loses it.


Finally she finds Glenn and Daryl lets her know he and Beth escaped together. And then when she finds out Beth is alive after being taken, that glimmer of hope hits her. Her sister is still alive and she’s ready to find her. Until…that punch in the gut happens. I’ll be honest I wasn’t a big fan of Beth but after Maggie’s reaction, I bawled over her death.


And after ALL THAT Maggie does go through a period of depression (how can you not?) She and Sasha seem to be on the edge of doing something drastic, but she finds a way to get over it. Sasha still doesn’t seem all there, but Maggie was able to get through her sister’s death and keep her sanity. That right there, her father then sister, goes to show how strong Maggie is. She hasn’t gotten over their deaths, but is able to continue on living as best as she can.

Then there’s the other shit she’s been through: abused by the Governor, captured by Terminus, and now serving as, sort-of an assistant to Diana in Alexandria. I feel like towards the end of last season we didn’t see Maggie enough. She was there to remind Diana they are good people and give her opinion, but I wanted to see Maggie do more. She can do more, serve a bigger purpose, but was kind of pushed to the side. I want to see that badass Maggie again!


How can you not like Maggie? She’s fierce, loyal, and cares so much about her family. She’s lost all of her (blood) family and is still going. Some people would just give up, stop trying, but Maggie pushes on no matter how much it hurts.



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