Reviewing: The Walking Dead, “First Time Again”

I’m supposed to be delivering pizzas, man.

We were told the first episode of the season would have the most walkers ever and it doesn’t disappoint. But what does the group plan to do about all these walkers? Rick has a plan but it doesn’t mean everyone wants to follow him. To give those people credit Rick does come off as a crazy man. He kills without having a second thought and they’re supposed to just follow right behind him?


The episode cuts back and forth between the past and present. Some people were confused, but the past is in black and white and the present, color. Sometimes it does change quickly, but as long as you’re paying attention, there’s nothing confusing about it.

Deanna’s not all there after her husband’s death. Whatever Rick suggests she goes along with. Even Pete (Porch Dick’s) family is going through their grief, especially the oldest son Ron. Abuser or not, he was still their father (and that’s saying a lot.)

Morgan and Rick have reunited and are technically meeting for the first time again. Both are new people, but they can both agree they’re killers. Morgan is on the side of life, whereas Rick doesn’t blink when it comes to putting someone down. At the moment they are getting a long, but tensions could easily rise after an incident in the woods.

The walker herd was great, the group’s plan makes you hold your breath, and Rick is still going down that slippery slope. All in all, it was a pretty good season premiere. I have to give it to last season’s more than this, but the jumping back and forth in time changed it up.

*onto spoilers*

The episode starts with some members of the group hiding behind two large trucks. At first I thought the Wolves did something, but then the camera pans to a quarry that is holding over a thousand walkers. Chris Hardwick said it best on Talking Dead, “It answered a question we didn’t even know we wanted to know: how has Alexandria survived for this long?” Most of the Walkers are falling into the quarry and it’s not that far from the town.

In good news, Tara woke up and everyone is relieved. “Thank God nothing happened to your hair,” she tells Eugene and then asks for Noah. Oh…shit yeah she doesn’t know.

Then we’re in present time again and Daryl is leading a large herd of walkers on his motorcycle. We’re still not sure what’s really going on at this point.

Rick doesn’t think they should recruit any new people with the Wolves being out there, but Daryl disagrees. He even brings it up later and who would’ve thought Daryl would be that into finding people?

One of my favorite parts of the episode was Rick and Father Gabriel. Gabriel doesn’t even need to talk and Rick tells him to shut up. Gabriel is helping bury bodies and Rick yells at him to go away. Gabriel volunteers to help and can barely get a sentence out before Rick yells NO at him. It was actually pretty funny.

We meet a new character from the book: Heath. He and a few other people have been on a run for a few weeks and Eugene greets them at the gates. Heath looks a little confused over Eugene and even more confused after Eugene tells him they have great “hair game.” Got to hand it to Eugene for giving that comic relief without even trying. So far I like Heath. He seems to be one of the few Alexandrians who can take care of themselves, but is still a bit reserved at times.



Rick and Morgan take Porch Dick’s body outside the walls to bury (upon Deanna’s request, why would she want him buried next to her husband?) when stupid Ron follows them and is almost killed. This is when they discover the quarry. The entrances are being blocked by trucks, but some walkers are starting to slip through. Of course this turns into a big concern.

Rick is telling everyone, about it and wants to come up with a plan. A guy named Carter starts to express his concerns: why should they follow him? Especially after everything’s he’s done. In a way, Carter is what Rick would have been like if Rick was in a place like Alexandria for all those years instead of surviving. Carter is suspicious and doesn’t trust Rick. He even meets with a group to kill Rick, until Eugene overhears them. Carter threatens to kill Eugene when Rick and group walk in. Rick then wants to kill Carter but spares his life. Later he tells Morgan he should have killed him because he’s not going to survive and screw up in the future.

And later we realize Rick has never been more right.

So their plan is to lead the herd of walkers out of the quarry and far away from Alexandria. Daryl on motorcycle and Sasha and Abraham in-car are going to get them to follow while everyone else shoots flares into the sky for the walkers to follow. At first everything seems to be going well…until Carter gets his face bit off and starts screaming causing part of the herd to break apart.

Rick ends up breaking his neck and Morgan is there to see it. Obviously they would have had to put Carter down any way, but it was the way Rick did it that concerns him. Even Michonne seemed a little uneasy about it.

Meanwhile Glenn is with Heath and Nicholas (the guy that tried to kill him!) trying to kill a bunch stuck in a store. I was actually confused as to what they were doing…but Nicholas proved to be an asset and impressed Glenn. No one actually trusts him though, we’ll just see where this goes.

There were a few little things I liked. Maggie tells Tara she’s one of the most important people in the world to her (aw), Morgan is noticing Carol’s “housewife facade,” Abraham is worried about Sasha and that she might be doing stuff to get killed, Rick telling Carter, “do you have any idea who you’re talking to?” Oh and Morgan asking Michonne if she ate the rest of his protein bars.

After Carter’s death everything seems to be going well again when a truck horn starts going off in the distance, causing the walkers to break a part and head towards Alexandria. Who is honking the horn? Most would think the Wolves, but who knows.

It wasn’t until over an hour in that I started asking the question, “Where’s Carl?” Carl never showed up, Carol was barely there and I was a little upset over that. I get that there were so many people in the episode, but even Judith had more screen time. Oh yeah Judith who looks nothing like Rick…


I thought the episode was great. I loved jumping back and forth in time, it kept you on your toes and made you pay attention more so you knew what was going on. Some of the walkers looked great and everyone else was great. It will be interesting to see who is actually honking the horn and who will die next.


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