Reviewing: Supernatural, “Form and Void”

One dimensional angels really start to piss me off.

*spoilers, of course*

Will Cas ever get a break? He has it worse than the Winchesters some seasons and things never seem to look up. Rowena’s curse is still at hand and all the angels want him dead for breaking Metatron out of his cell in heaven (wait we’re still talking about Metatron? I don’t understand why he isn’t dead yet!) That is until they discover the Darkness is free and now they want Sam and Dean…again.

And again the angels that capture Cas have nothing to them. They get angry with him, yell, and torture. Hannah does show up, but is killed in the end. It was nice to see Cas get his fight on and kill them all, but Rowena really needs to take this spell off so Cas can contribute more than just being cursed.

Sam’s infection has gotten so bad he’s seeing Reapers. We’ve met a new one: Billy, while singing “Oh Death.” (Love that song.) She and the other Reapers aren’t that happy Death is dead (wait so he really is dead? Death was killed that easily?) She’s let us know the next time the brothers die, that’s it. No being brought back. Apparently there’s this place called “The Empty” that no one can get out of which only makes me suspicious of how that will play into the show later.

Maybe that’s where God is!

Actually God sent Sam a vision after Sam practically begged him for help (or was it God?) All we saw was Sam being tortured in what looked like Hell? There were hooks in his skin and at first I thought it was a memory of his time in Hell with Lucifer. Is that an indication a big character will be back?

“What does that mean!?” Yes Sam, what does that mean?

But Sam does find a cure for the Darkness virus (holy oil) and is able to save a bunch of people without Dean every knowing. Yeah there’s that lying again.

Dean on the other-hand helps Jenna get to grandmother’s. At first I thought she was possessed (this show has made me suspicious of everyone I swear.) Amara captures the grandma’s heart instantly, until she starts levitating blocks with letters on it to spell out “Feed Me” on the wall. That’s one way to get their attention.

Jenna calls Dean after a pretty funny Ghostbusters reference and Dean heads back to see Crowley (or the exorcist as her grandma thinks) is there as well. Crowley tells Dean he actually interacts with some priests and nuns when an exorcism needs to happen. If something seems out of the ordinary, Crowley goes there and handles it. I think that was pretty cool. It’s just a part of Crowley’s King of Hell title we don’t get to see that often.

Can I just praise Crowley for a second? I actually loved him in this episode. His jokes were on point and he had to point out that he’s not just the sidekick anymore that refuses to hurt Dean. It was great o see Crowley as, well Crowley.

Getting back on track: Amara is hungry though, for souls. She takes Jenna’s which urges her to kill her grandma and then Crowley kills her (hey another female character that actually added something other than being a love interest killed off, but I won’t let it get to me.) At first Dean tells Crowley he’s going to kill Amara, but we all know she has Dean wrapped around her finger. When Crowley threatens her Dean shoves him against the wall and for some reason doesn’t kill him.

I feel that moment passed two seasons ago.

Dean did see the Mark of Cain on Amara and realizes the woman he spoke to last episode was perhaps a vision of the grown Amara to come.

Because she was fed one soul, Amara goes from being a baby to a child in a matter of seconds (and I will give them the transformation in her face was kind of creepy.) She leaves the house only to be picked up by Crowley on the street not much later in a creepy black van with a bunch of people in the back tied up for Amara to “eat.”

As far as I’m concerned this episode impressed me more than the last. I’m excited to see where the Darkness storyline goes and maybe we’re going to see an old character come back? (I’m thinking Lucifer but who knows.) And maybe Chuck will finally reveal himself to be God.


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