TV Quibbles: The Walking Dead, “JSS”

If you thought episode one was a 90 minute roller coaster, be prepared for the Cedar Point roller coaster ride because this was even bigger.

*spoilers, of course*

Arguably one of the best episodes of the show ever, JSS started off as what looked like an episode that depicted what the rest of the group was doing back at Alexandria while Rick and company were out herding walkers.

Well that’s exactly what it was. There’s a small backstory about Enid: she watched her parents get eaten while hiding in a car and had to live on her own for a long time before coming across Alexandria. During this time she repeatedly used the letters “JSS.” Also, another animal lost in the zombie apocalypse. RIP Turtle.

Carol was talking to other housewives about cooking, Maggie and Deana were preparing to plant vegetables, and Carl watched Enid and Ron hugging while Judith just wanted to go out for a walk. We even got to meet a new character, Denise, who has taken over Pete’s job despite not being a surgeon.

“Oh it’s one of those episodes, where everyone is just wandering around doing they’re own thing. Carol’s baking, she’s watching that lady she yelled at earlier for smoking, and-OH MY SHIT.”


It literally came out of nowhere. I was expecting it to cut to commercial, but here comes the Wolves. Slaughtering, throwing fire balls, and driving a truck into the gate, causing a walker to lean on the horn (which was what we heard at the end of last episode.)

How could the town survive anything like this?


Mother-effing Carol.

Oh this gave me life. I love Carol. She’s easily my favorite character and she’s been acting as a housewife for far too long. Here comes the badass Carol who does what needs to be done. She dresses up as one of the Wolves to blend in while going around town and killing as many as she can. Amazing.

yes YES

Eventually Morgan comes back, with his stick, and tries fighting the Wolves off without killing them. Carol on the other hand doesn’t have time for this shit and puts a bullet in them. Now, we can all agree we like Morgan, but man he needs to get over being a Pacifist. Dude, you just walked past how many Alexandrians cut into pieces on the ground, but hey let’s spare their killers lives.

He does tell Carol, “You don’t like killing.” Of course she doesn’t, but Carol sees the situation for what it is and deals with it. Morgan has to get along with the program because he fights off five or six Wolves with his stick and tells them to leave. One leaves with a gun.


Oh no, that’s not going to come back and bite them in the ass. Dammit Morgan.

But what about everyone else while Carol saves the town?

Well Aaron and Rosita have teamed up and are also taking Wolves out (it was nice to see Rosita, she needs more screentime.) Eugene and Tara were helping Denise save people. Maggie heads back in to help while Deana and her son cower outside the walls. Of course, the only people who can defend the town are those monsters no one wanted around anymore. Deana said it herself, she can’t fight. Even Carl kills one (despite falling for a very obvious fake out.)

At least Aaron seems to get how things work and even Jessie repeatedly stabs one while in her house. Ron is sort of wandering around and constantly comes across someone being killed, so we can only assume he’s going to reach a breaking point soon.

Finally the killings come to a close…or does it. Remember that one wolf Morgan came across last season? Yeah he’s hiding in a house and attacks Morgan. They have a fight scene and you’re yelling at the TV, “Just kill him Morgan!” And Morgan’s moment comes when he does. Of course he says he’s sorry first.

Okay, time for a breather. Did everyone make it out okay? Actually yes. No main characters died. Enid ran away and left a note that made us realize what JSS meant.

Denise wasn’t able to save a fellow Alexandrian and Tara tries to let her know at least she tried. You have to feel for Denise. She never became a surgeon because of panic attacks and was thrown into becoming the town doctor. I like her so far.

Deana looks like she’s on the brink of death. It’s horrible to say considering she just lost her husband and now her town is being killed, but someone should really look after her because she doesn’t look too good. I only say this because I sort of like Deana and don’t want her to fall apart after losing Reg.

Then there’s Carol, who breaks down after it all. She looks at one of her friends, lying dead on the ground, and can’t hold it in any longer. And I cry along with her. Carol put her life on the line to save everyone, but it always comes with a cost. Sure she took down Terminus but none of her friends died while it happened. Like Morgan said, Carol doesn’t like killing.


Alright, the episode is over. But where the hell is the rest of the group? They weren’t that far behind Morgan. I expected someone to show up at some point, but they never did. The previews showed them being caught up in the walker herd.

Damn we are two episodes in and we haven’t slowed down. I’m loving the season so far and can only assume it’s going to keep going up from here. This episode was awesome.


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