TV Quibbles: Supernatural, “The Bad Seed”

So an angel and demon walk into a bar…

*spoilers, of course*

Rowena is back and she’s doing something big, something huge, something…mega. It’s the Mega Coven! Way better than the Grand Coven, but no one seems to want to join. Rowena tries to make her case that she killed Crowley, but guess what, she didn’t. And she freaks out over it, killing all of her potential recruits.

Cut back to Sam and Dean who is dealing with wild, rabid dog Cas. Yeah that spell is still there. Okay, am I the only one tired of this too? Why did it last this long? Why did it need to last this long? We know Cas is going to be saved, just like Sam last episode. Whatever, Sam and Dean want to find Rowena. Sam brings up asking God for help, in which we all sigh because seriously Sam we’re still looking for God?

But! Sam also brings up the one damn person no one wants to see: Metatron. He’s off the grid and should stay that way.

Crowley is trying to warm up to Amara by becoming “Uncle Crowley.” He’s giving her whatever she wants when she wants it; even a new dress and some bunny book (I have no idea why he thinks the Darkness would be interested in that.) Her nanny teaches her lessons and shows Hitler speeches. Wow, that’s all I can say. Amara’s feelings don’t seem set in stone yet because she has a vision of her older self. She confesses she’s still afraid God will lock her away, but that’s all she says about it.

Like Crowley, we want to know how God did it the first time.

Amara is hungry and eating souls, without Crowley’s permission.  It seems a plan is forming, but again, won’t say anything about it except the Earth is going to be “redone.” By the end of the episode Amara has reached teenage years and Crowley better be prepared for this.

Sam and Dean eventually find Rowena and use some witch-blocking cuffs so she can’t use magic. While being tied up in their dungeon Rowena asks what was the cost of removing the mark so she has yet to find out about the Darkness. Cas ran away and you know nothing is going to happen.

Cas is about to attack someone when Dean comes in, Cas beats him up for a while, and Rowena takes away the spell. The end.

Nope, not without the celebratory drinking. Cas tries to apologize to Dean and even fix up his face, but Dean says he had it coming, which I assume he means from last season when he murdered dozens of people. Now there were a few Dean and Cas moments that we can only blame Jensen for since he directed the episode.

I really enjoy the episode when Jensen directs. Hey Jensen, if it’s not too much could you just direct and act all the time?

entertainment weekly

entertainment weekly

So in conclusion what can we take away from this episode? Well Crowley wants to team up with Amara to change the world. He wants a world full of Evil, but Amara reminds him it wouldn’t be that fun if everyone was the same. Good and Evil, Heaven and Hell, they mean nothing to her. I’m pretty curious to see what this plan is of hers. Maybe she’ll go after God.

Sam, Dean, and Cas are all good despite losing Rowena and the Book of the Damned. They are still unaware that Crowley has Amara, but it seems that next episode is just going to be a filler. I pray it’s good. I’ve been pretty harsh about filler episodes. The title is, “Baby” so will Baby become sentient? (I’ve always hoped Baby turns out to be a guy.)

Overall it was a pretty good episode. Uncle Crowley was hilarious and Rowena’s Mega Coven seems to be going nowhere. What is Amara planning that makes her want to grow up so quick?

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