Book Quibbles: Lumberjanes #2 – Friendship to the Max

Then there’s a line about God or whatever.

Like the first Lumberjanes, the second is captivating and fun. However this time around, a lot more questions are answered.

The story starts not too long after we left off. Jo is having nightmares about their past supernatural experiences and Jen is freaking out to the head of the camp, Rosie. In a joke that doesn’t get old, Rosie can’t remember Jen’s name and the names she use starts to get ridiculous. I have a feeling Rosie may be doing it on purpose.

Rosie has to leave for a while, leaving Jen in charge. Oh boy.

The girls are supposed to go to Raccoon Rodeo (we were not told what that was) but Jen wants them to stay safe in the camp making friendship bracelets. The how-to part of the book was cool. You yourself could make your own bracelet.

Of course staying in the camp backfires on Jen and more shenanigans occur. Eventually all of these come together and the truth behind them is revealed. Or is it? I still have a feeling there’s more going on than what we were told.

Like before the artwork is great and I love the facial expressions given to the characters. April always shows more than others and it only makes her more real. Mal and Molly’s relationship seem to be developing, Jo makes a big sacrifice, and Ripley is always saving the day.


Reading the first book is pretty necessary being that a lot is brought up, although most of the information needed is reiterated.

Friendship to the Max shows how far these girls will go to save their friends. In the end that’s what these books are all about. And man can I just say how relieved I am we finally get a great story about great female characters who are great friends.

fd boom-studios

*onto spoilers, of course*

I about freaked out when Molly’s hat turned out to be a well alive raccoon. Bubble’s reveal was out of nowhere and like Diane next to her, I was going “WHAT THE HELL.”

Dinosaurs attack the camp, and even though the Lumberjanes defeat them, a new threat is quickly revealed: Diane. At first I thought she might have been a witch or some kind of supernatural creature, but nope, she’s Artemis. The Greek God, Zeus’s daughter. She and her brother, Apollo, are fighting for their right to rule the universe. Apollo has been sending all of those creatures to the camp to get to Artemis.

That twist was something I wasn’t expecting, at all. Not that it’s a bad one, but Greek Gods being behind all this was my last thought. It changed up the story and I couldn’t tell if I liked Diane or not. Until they all go to the underground cave the girls have already been to, are attacked by those vampire-like boys camp, and Jo has to sacrifice herself to save everyone.

Diane promised to save Jo, but in the end couldn’t. I love that the way to actually save her was friendship. Everyone (plus Jen) held hands and brought her back to life. Love isn’t always the answer, it’s friendship (or is it basically the same thing.)

Ripley actually contained the power, wished everyone could have a kitten, and then wished the power away forever. Now that, is how you use unlimited power.

Rosie called Artemis and Apollo’s dad (who came as a cow to embarrass them) and went away. Ripley saved the day and even Rosie remembered Jen’s name.

But there is a third book coming out so can we assume maybe they weren’t responsible for everything going on around there?



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