TV Quibbles: The Walking Dead, “Thank You”

Oh Walking Dead, why are you doing this to us this season? Why?

Oh man oh man. I’ll start this spoiler free, but I have to talk about one of the biggest moments on the show so far that had me in tears.

Last week we saw the Alexandrians get slaughtered by the Wolves while some of the best fighters in the group were out herding walkers away. Throughout the whole ordeal none of them came back except Morgan, which had everyone worried. What happened to them? Why didn’t Rick, Michonne, or Glenn make it back? This episode showed us why.

What started as an episode you assume would kill off a few Alexandrians as they make their way back to town, ended in a very different way. The more the episode went on the more heart-pounding and anxiety you felt. The walker count was at one of its highest and when the group becomes trapped you really have no idea how they’re going to make it out.

It started out a little slow when some Alexandrians had words to say about Rick, but it lasted only a few minutes.

*onto spoilers*

I am forever grateful for the Talking Dead. Not only is Chris Hardwick there to console us while we grieve, but also tell us our grieving might not be needed.

The episode starts with the group trying to make their way back to Alexandria. Rick leaves to take the RV while everyone else goes on foot. He basically tells Michonne and Glenn to kill any of the Alexandrians that slow them down. Obviously, Michonne and Glenn don’t listen to Rick well.

But Rick is always right. Many did get hurt, one ran away, and all but two were killed (I include Heath in there.) Would Michonne, Glenn, and Heath gotten back a lot quicker if the rest of the people were left behind? Yes. Do any of them have what Rick has to leave them? Absolutely not.

Heath was a bit skeptical about Michonne following Rick’s orders, but Michonne reminded him she doesn’t always listen to Rick and she will not leave anyone behind. She also gives him a great speech about him not knowing what it’s really like out there. We’ve heard this a lot from our main group, but Michonne goes into more depth to get the point across. Have you ever had your friends blood all over you Heath? Have you ever questioned who you are because of what you’ve done?

No, now shut the hell up.

Glenn and Michonne split up. Glenn and Nicholas went off to find a building to burn while Michonne stayed with Heath and a few others who were not looking so good. Michonne’s building starts to get surrounded and they make the decision to go for it, losing two people along the way. Actually, one died and splattered blood all over Heath to reiterate what Michonne said earlier. I thought it was kind of funny.

Okay what about Rick? Did he make it to the RV? He did and was one his way back when he stopped and tried talking to Glenn over the walkie. No answer. Daryl? Yes, Daryl is there and he wanted to help from the start, but Rick told him to stay on the road and move the rest of the herd away. Daryl leaves Sasha and Abraham behind, tries to catch up with Rick, but then goes back after Rick doesn’t answer on the walkie.

Rick on the other hand has to fight off the Wolves that MORGAN LET GO. Yeah, those ones that grabbed the gun? They attacked Rick and he had to kill them all. Apparently your speech didn’t freaking work Morgan. Okay, they’re gone let’s get going…wait nope. The RV won’t start, OF COURSE. And the walker herd is surrounding Rick, OF COURSE. It kind of reminded you of when Rick was trapped in that tank.

There were a lot of call backs. Why? Because the writers like to torture us!

On a side note, did anyone else see Rick’s hand? Walker blood got in it, which we know shouldn’t make a difference being that everyone already has the “disease” but this could foreshadow (or even be the reason) Rick loses a hand.

Onto the big moment of the night. Rick’s was close. As he sees the walkers close in he really starts to lose it. He seems desperate and probably realizes he should have watched Dale fix the RV more.

Glenn and Nicholas are also being surrounded by walkers, on a dumpster, with walkers on the other side of the fence behind the dumpster. Where the hell do they go? What do they do? Because I have never trusted Nicholas, I thought he was going to push Glenn in and run away. Nope, he also starts to lose it.

He realizes he would rather kill himself than be killed by them. So he turns to Glenn, says “thank you”, and shoots himself in the head. We don’t see it, but Glenn did, and his blood goes all over him. Nicholas’s blood goes all over Glenn. I say this twice because it could come back into play.



Okay, Nicholas is dead. Push him over Glenn! Get away! Apparently Glenn was in too much shock because Nicholas fell on top of Glenn, and they both went over and into the herd. Glenn hits the ground hard and you’re like, “shit”, then you see the walkers surround him and yell, “SHIT NO!” Glenn’s face is in agony, you see guts being ripped apart, and I am sobbing. It was horrible. I knew I would never come to terms with Glenn’s death.

Unless….this wasn’t Glenn’s death. On the Talking Dead I usually love the memoriam, unless it’s a main character being recognized. Well at first Steven (Glenn) never came on the show, which didn’t make sense, because they ALWAYS come on the show after they die. Second, Glenn wasn’t in the memoriam! It only read, “Please don’t be true.” Even Scott Gimple wrote a note saying Glenn’s time on the show isn’t over, whether he’s dead or not, he will be back.

As the night goes on things start to hit you. Nicholas fell on top of Glenn, they could have been eating him. His blood was all over Glenn, that could conceal him. There was that dumpster! Something Glenn could hide under (much like Rick hiding under the tank before going in it.) Things start to come together and you realize, “holy shit, I don’t think Glenn’s dead.” Sure his face was in agony, but if someone was being torn apart on top of you, yeah it would be pretty horrible. The camera angle was wrong so we never really saw Glenn be torn apart (and of course that was on purpose.)

We were all in pain! Only for Glenn to be alive.

(Also someone posted Steven’s IMDB page on Twitter showing he’s scheduled to be on the show up until the end of the season, like Andrew. So unless we’re pulling a Michonne and dragging walker Glenn around, he’s alive.)

When Glenn was on the ground and you saw the guts flying, it was horrible. You don’t realize what effect a character has on you until something horrible happens to them. Even if Glenn does survive it, he still has to live with that image in his head. But, Glenn is a survivor and really good at it.

There were a few signs that could have said he would die. Like calling Rick a dumbass, which was one of the first things Glenn ever said to him. Bringing up Maggie being left behind (because we all think she’s pregnant and if she was, that would be a reason for her to live.)

But looking back, I truly believe Glenn is alive. I truly hope this isn’t false hope and the let down will be even worse than before, but I believe in Glenn. Hell, he’s proven he can get through the worst situation, and if anyone could survive that, it would be Glenn.

And his death in the comic is too iconic to succumb to freaking Nicholas’s body pushing him off a dumpster.

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