Top 6: Avatar The Last Airbender Episodes

Because Netflix isn’t working on our Roku I went on an Avatar binge. And every time that happens I feel the need to talk about it. Because I love it so much. These are my top six (with a bonus episode thrown in there) episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

1.) Sozin’s Comet (parts 1-4): is there really explanation needed here? The was the episode to end all episodes (literally.) The creators wanted to make an impact when the series ended and damn did they. Everything from Aang’s unwillingness to kill the Firelord to Zuko and Azula’s fight. It was everything you needed, no loose ends, no questions (well one.) The artists outdid themselves, especially in the final fight. I literally have nothing to complain about here. Okay…maybe I had a hard time hearing the Lion-turtle, but even the “power” he gave Aang never bothered me.


2. The Crossroads of Destiny: Toph became the first metalbender, Aang’s life was on the line, and Zuko…dammit Zuko. I hated that after all that time with Iroh, Zuko still chose Azula’s side to fight Aang. In the end Zuko hadn’t changed, despite giving up the Blue Spirit and letting Appa free…

However, it was a great episode. Azula continued to show was an amazing antagonist she was. She even killed Aang which I for one wasn’t expecting to see. Another great part is the ending. Ba Sing Se fell and we had no idea what was going to happen.

3. The Firebending Masters: the first real episode Zuko was part of the group. Having always used his hatred to fuel his fire, Zuko couldn’t firebend anymore, therefore not being able to teach Aang. Both set off to find an ancient civilization no longer believed to exist, and of course, it did.

Fire had always been the enemy, even with good firebenders, but this episode showed it was more than red hatred. It’s purple and blue. There’s so much more to firebending than what we thought. It was a great way for them to bond and in the end we saw that dragons still existed! Dragons!

4. The Puppet Master: a pretty creepy episode that shows more to waterbending than meets the eye. Lots of people have said, “Why can’t you bend a person since we’re mostly made up of water?” Well you can, during a full moon, and it’s really creepy. It’s like your body is being possessed and you have no control over your movements.

The group meets a woman from Katara and Sokka’s tribe who long ago, was taken in a raid. Overtime she learned how to bloodbend and was able to escape imprisonment. Afterwards she spent her time getting revenge on the Fire Nation and keeping them prisoner in a mountain.

In the end, she wanted Katara to learn how, but Katara refused…until she was forced to fight back. Katara used this technique only one other time to find her mother’s killer. Later in life Katara was able to ban bloodbending. The whole atmosphere of the episode and the ending fight taking place at night just added to the creepy-feel.


5. The Siege of the North (1-2): the whole first season led up to the group making it to the Northern Watertribe only for the Fire Nation to attack. Katara’s waterbending started to show development, Sokka lost his first love, and we really got to see Aang in his Avatar-state.

Going to the spirit world was one of my favorite parts (and I’m really glad Legend of Korra talked about the spirits more.) I just find the whole concept interesting.

I guess my only complaint here would be: why did Aang have to use a big koi fish to push the Fire Nation troops back. Why couldn’t all those waterbenders come together and make a giant wave? I can only assume it’s because they were more worried about defending the tribe from fireballs. Plus, the koi fish was a good way to show remembrance of the moon spirit that was horribly killed.


6. The Avatar and The Firelord: I love Avatar Roku. I think he always gave great advice to Aang, was there when he needs him, and plus he had a dragon. And man did I love that twist with Zuko. Roku and Sozin were best friends growing up, that’s awesome, but in the end Sozin left him for dead so he wouldn’t get in the middle of his plans (dick.)

Iroh wanted to teach Zuko a lesson, that he’s always battling good and evil in him because not only is Sozin his great-grandfather on his father’s side, but Roku is his great-grandfather on his mother’s side. Damn I love that. Not only does the battle inside of Zuko continue, but it connects him and Aang even more.

Bonus episode: Tales of Ba Sing Se. I was debating between this and the Ember Island Players, but in the end Ba Sing Se won. All of the characters are on their own adventure through the city. Aang was able to create a new zoo, Toph and Katara bonded, and Zuko went on a date.

But there are two stories that really hit hard: Iroh and Momo. Yes Momo. When Momo went searching for Appa and laid in his paw print it broke my heart. Sure we’ve seen how upset Aang has been, but never took into consideration Momo. The only two animals on the team, sure they have to be friends, but this just grabbed at your heartstrings.

Then there’s Iroh, who is remembering his son who died in the war. Iroh is already a fan-favorite and seeing him cry makes you cry. Also, the voice actor of Iroh had died and it was also a memorial for him as well.


There aren’t many Avatar episodes you can complain about. In the end they all have something special and are a lot of fun to watch, but these are my top six (seven) episodes that I could watch over and over again.


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