TV Quibbles: Supernatural, “Baby”

Your nerdiness knows no bounds.

*spoilers, of course*

We’ve seen the Winchesters go through it all: Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, dying hundreds of times. But what about a beloved character that we never get the perspective from? A character who has also been through it all and repaired almost as much as the Winchesters.

Baby has finally gotten an episode.

What could have been a regular filler episode was told from the views of Baby. There were a few different camera angles from inside of Baby to show the action and what was going on. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy episode to direct but it was fun to watch. It was different and god knows we needed something different from Supernatural.

The actual episode was Dean and Sam going on a hunt for what they thought was a “Werepire” but turned out to be a “Ghoulpire” thanks to Cas playing Bobby while resting. The Ghoulpire or “Deputy Dumbass” told Dean he was creating more Ghoulpires because of the Darkness and he needed an army to stand a chance against it. So everyone, even the monsters, are aware of the threat the Darkness holds.

Other than the pretty awesome fight scenes that took place in the car, Sam and Dean had some good moments together. They were singing, laughing…dare I say it, having fun? Or just having a good time together. It didn’t seem right. Dean wanted to go to a bar and Sam went to a diner to research more about the case, and instead came back to the car with a waitress. I’m sure Dean wasn’t expecting to see them in the back of the seat the next morning and poor Baby. Just, poor Baby.

They even had a moment where they told each other stuff! Sam told Dean about his visions and that he was infected. Sure Dean was pissed Sam didn’t tell him, but at least it didn’t last the rest of the episode. They just seemed to move on.

Speaking of Sam’s visions, he had another one. Young John Winchester (Matt Cohen returned) to tell Sam that he and Dean are going to have to defeat the Darkness. He also said, “God helps those who helps themselves.” However, Sam doesn’t think it was actually their dad, but maybe God or another entity is talking to them. Dean doesn’t buy the God idea, but perhaps there is something out there that can help Sam and Dean fight the Darkness.

I do think God is going to show up at some point this season. Maybe it will finally happen.

When the brothers were talking to each other it was one of the best parts of the episode. They weren’t really arguing or lying, they were just talking in the car and eventually fell asleep. It was classic, the two sleeping in Baby and calling it home.

The humor was even great. I laughed throughout most of the episode. Cas not understanding Orange is the New Black or even Netflix, Dean freaking out about valet parking and the girl actually taking Baby on a joy ride but Dean never knowing. Then there was Cas telling Dean the wrong monster and realizing he was very wrong about it.

This is one of my favorite episodes this season so far (and I’m sure it will stay on top of that list.) Actually, this may be my favorite episode of the season (so far.) It’s up there with other fan-favorites and I’m sure most fans agree.


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