TV Quibbles: The Walking Dead, “Now”

Is Glenn alive!???!?!?!  Who cares about the rest of the episode, what the hell happened to Glenn?

*spoilers, of course*

We may not know Glenn’s fate until the mid-season finale, so for now let’s forget the horrors of what we once saw (even though Glenn’s fate was brought up a lot) and remember the rest of the characters that are going through their own shit.

Thanks to Rick who did NOT lead the walkers away from Alexandria (god Rick can’t you do anything right?) it has been surrounded and the Alexandrians are not ready. But Rick feels that if he says the Alexandrian motto things could turn around:

Look I know you’re scared (but get your heads out of your asses.)

Then there’s this one

The wall’s going to hold together…are you? -oh that’s a good line, Rick thinks to himself.

But the Alexandrians aren’t convinced. They begin writing the names of all those they lost on the walls, including Nicholas and Glenn, despite not knowing what actually happened. Hell, we don’t even know what happened. What horribly negative people.

Aaron also lets everyone know it’s his fault the Wolves found them in the first place, but let’s be honest at one point they would have. The mixture of reactions were hard to read, but knowing these people they’ll for sure blame Aaron. Aaron wants to redeem himself, do something good to get the knot out of his stomach. Meanwhile Maggie has something entirely different in her stomach.

Maggie sets out to look for Glenn and Aaron insists on going with her by revealing a secret sewer leading out of the town. Thankfully Aaron went along because Maggie had a weird moment where she couldn’t kill a walker. In the end she reveals she’s pregnant and breaks down over Glenn. The worst part for her is knowing she’ll never know. She’ll never know what might have happened if she went along. The friendship growing between her and Aaron was nice though.

Jessie is trying to rally the Alexandrians to stand up and fight. She kills one of the walkers and gives a speech, but much less enticing than Rick’s. I don’t know if it’s because of her relationship with Rick, but I’ve never really liked Jessie. She has a few moments with him until the very end has them kissing. Oh god as soon as that music started and they were talking about being in the present, you knew it was going to happen, and I hated every second.

Coral (nope that’s not a misspelling) is concerned about Enid and tells Porch Dick Jr, who gets him to stay inside the walls instead of looking for her. They have a brief fight that I very much wish had more punching Porch Dick Jr in the face, but once he threatens to tell Rick that Coral will go over the wall, Coral backs up and decides not to.

And Porch Dick Jr isn’t able to say Carl’s name without it coming out as Coral.

I guess he has a moment with Rick after he tells on Carl any way and asks him to teach him how to shoot. I still find this kid sleazy and is probably planning something much bigger than what he’s leading on.

How about Tara though? Rick’s not the only one getting some action in the apocalypse. Dr. Denise isn’t doing so well after losing some people. She’s trying to save Sonequa Martin-Green’s husband but is finding it nearly impossible. Tara gives her a pep talk but it doesn’t do much. Jessie’s speech does seem to open her eyes and she’s able to save him. After that she, unexpectedly, kisses Tara. But hey, I’ll jump on this ship.

Finally there’s Deana who isn’t doing well at all. Her son Spencer seems to become a leader when the remaining Alexandrians want to steal the rest of the food supplies and he convinces them not to. But because of this he feels he “deserves” to take more than needed and becomes a hypocrite. He tells Deana everything that happened is all her fault and Deana doesn’t look so well. She’s attacked by a walker and repeatedly stabs the walker (in the chest by the way. How many people were yelling, “HEAD! HEAD!”) Rick comes by and helps her out, but in that moment it seems that Deana is waking up.

In the end Maggie and Aaron erase Nicholas and Glenn’s name off the wall and Deana is walking around, hitting the fences egging the walkers.

This episode was alright. It was weird that Carol wasn’t there and Michonne and Morgan barely were… (seriously, where were they?) Carl had a brief scene, but it was mostly the Alexandrians not realizing they need to fight to survive in this world.

The big part of the episode was Maggie’s pregnancy reveal, which wasn’t surprising to many people. It does put her in a weird position that she’s not able to go out, fight, or really do a lot of strenuous activity.

Next week seems to be Daryl’s episode (even though I swear I saw Glenn in the previews, standing there holding his watch.) But it will be nice to focus the attention back on a character we care about. No offense Jessie, but I really don’t like you and Rick together.


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