Book Quibbles: The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 1: The Faust Act

Every ninety years, twelve gods incarnate as humans. They are loved. They are hated. In two years, they are dead.

In a stunning graphic novel, the world we’re thrown into has gods, murder, and can be quite confusing at times. This time around the gods are incarnated into Pop Stars and are adored by most. What got me at first was the world knows about them. They are clearly aware of the gods, and although some are skeptical, one person isn’t: Laura, who we follow throughout the book.

Laura is a fangirl. She knows who the gods are, dresses up like them, and has posters in her room. For someone like her it’s a dream come true. Along with a reporter/critic of the gods, Cassandra, they must find out the truth to a murder that is framing one of the gods.

I don’t know why when I first bought the book I thought the gods would be Greek: Zeus, Hades, the works. However these gods are from a mixture of religions. There’s Lucifer, who for some reason, is always the most likable character in a lot of fictional works. As a fan of Supernatural it’s easy for me to say I love Lucifer on the show. In the book it’s the same way.

There are other gods as well, but I’m horrible with names. Amaterasu is the god Laura goes to see in the beginning of the book and can actually make people orgasm from her incredible talent.

I thought the idea for the book was great, but things did get confusing. There were times I wasn’t sure what was going on, like an underground gathering for one of the gods. Then some come in and play a trick on the people? Okay I’m still trying to replay the scene and figure out what happened.

The artwork is great though. It’s gorgeous. But this time around it’s not the reason I bought the book.

With so many gods to introduce things can get confusing. So many names were brought up, but I wasn’t sure who was being talked about. There were a few you become familiar with, but some had brief introductions and a moment of dialogue.

However, I did like the ending. There was a twist and ended on a pretty high note.

Like I’ve said with other books, as a warning, there is a lot of swearing and some people may not like that. The f-bomb is dropped a lot along with other profanities. For me it’s fine, but others, this is something to look out for if it makes you uncomfortable.

With all that being said, I will read the next issue. I liked Laura. I liked Lucifer. I liked the relationship that was forming between them. Many of the gods you probably haven’t heard of before and it can be confusing trying to figure them out. Who is who? But I’m sure over time it will become easier as the series progresses on.

As a recommendation, I highly suggest it. If you’re not into swearing or Lucifer being made into a cool character, probably not.


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