TV Quibbles: The Walking Dead, “Always Accountable”

Help, I need somebody. Help, not just anybody. Help, you know I need someone to get me out of this herd of walkers that just devoured Nicholas and I am most definitely alive.  -Glenn, probably

*spoilers, of course*

We’re six episodes in and two away from the mid-season finale so things should start to pick up right? Well, in what was a great start to the season has fizzled down a bit. Not that this episode wasn’t good, but it’s about time the group gets back together and gets ready for whatever threat faces them in upcoming episodes (because we know for a mid-season finale some shit is going to go down.)

Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha have reached the 20 mile mark and are preparing to turn around and head back to Alexandria and attempt to get back in.

But it can’t be that easy right? A group of jerks in cars start tailing and shooting at them. It’s easy to say this group isn’t the wolves. They have guns, they have cars, and just seem to be more organized overall. What’s their motive for shooting at them? Who knows (probably take their stuff.) Either way Daryl has a nasty fall on his bike, separating him from Abraham and Sasha.

Daryl winds up in the woods that has been burned down. Everything is charred and even the walkers look a bit melted down. He figures he needs to rest after getting bloodied up and covers his bike up with leaves only to be knocked out by a guy named Dwight (for comic book lovers) and two women, one named Tina who has diabetes and needs insulin.

They think Daryl is part of some group and are tired of his shit. As they walk through the woods they ramble about some inside stuff but are ultimately looking for someone named Patty. We discover Patty is actually a fuel plant but has been overrun by walkers. In this moment Daryl takes the opportunity to turn the tables, get their duffle bag, and run away.

As he runs away he discovers the insulin in the bag and decides to go back and give it to them. Of course at this moment the group they were running from in the first place shows up and starts yelling at them. Daryl helps them hide and even gets a guy bit, showing that he is not part of that group and wants to see if they could go back with him to Alexandria.


Tina gets bit and Daryl is ready to go home, but once he shows them his motorcycle, Dwight turns the gun on him. He even gives Daryl a warning shot that he never flinches at (despite Daryl showing at times he’s gotten “soft” that was a pretty badass moment.) They tell Daryl they’re sorry and Daryl reminds them, “you will be.”

In the end Daryl finds a working car and goes back to get Abraham and Sasha, who are having their own moments together.

Sasha is smart. She believes in order to find a tracker you have to stay put. She leaves a footprint and finds a building to stay in while writing the word “Dixon” on the front, knowing Daryl would probably come back.

Abraham seems to be losing it. He’s putting himself in situations that are just stupid and Sasha is trying to get him to calm down. There were a few moments you could see Abraham was looking at Sasha in a different way. He ends up going up to the roof, finding grenade launchers and cigars, and probably thinks he’s already dead because that his Heaven to him.


He also finds a walker hanging off the ledge and has a screaming match with it. I don’t know if Abraham just has a lot of frustration he needs to get out, but somehow that helps him. He returns to Sasha a changed man (okay not really, but it’s like a weight was lifted off his shoulders.) He basically tells her he knows he’s going to die, but wants to live a little beforehand.

This is when Abraham puts the moves on Sasha. Sasha doesn’t really say no, but gives a little smile indicating something could happen. To be honest I saw it a little, just moments like Abraham wanting to go with Sasha and being a jackass in front of her. Thankfully Daryl shows up to stop this sort-of romance? I’m not sure how I feel about them together, I’m not saying they’re a bad thing, but how many people believe Abraham is going to get axed off sometime soon? From his “revelation” on the roof to admitting his feelings to Sasha, he’s having moments that we’ve seen with characters before they died. (i.e. Beth and Tyrese)

The three are headed back to Alexandria when Daryl asks through the walkie if anyone is there and we do get a reply: “Help.”

Now there are a few theories. Some believe it’s Rick, but it didn’t sound like him and why would he be saying help? This is after he was trapped in the RV and he’s somewhat safe in Alexandria. Others say it was Dwight, because he took Daryl’s walkie, but I think it’s far fetched. Yes, I am one of those people who believe it’s Glenn. Why? Well we’ve gone how many episodes without any indication of what happened. (I believe he’s alive but none of the characters know what happened to him.) It’s a storyline that screwed with us at first, but everyone has to admit it’s dragging on. It’s about time we see Glenn.

I do want to say another theory: Jesus. I kind of thing Jesus is going to find Glenn and it could be him talking on the walkie, especially if Glenn is hurt or they’re stuck. Daryl is going to respond to that so it doesn’t seem like they’re going back to Alexandria any time soon. How would they get in any way with all those walkers? Could Abraham use his grenade launcher and turn them away?

As for the new group we met, I say the Saviors (well everyone is saying that.) Negan was cast and we should be seeing some glimpses of them as the season goes on, leading up to Negan’s introduction. I’ve read Dwight is physically a lot different in the books so maybe his transformation happens between now and then (basically he has a bad scar and a crossbow, the latter he has now.)

In the end I liked this episode. It wasn’t full of a lot of action, but there was a lot going on. Daryl seemed a little “brain dead” I don’t know if Alexandria has made him soft (according to Michael Rooker that could never happen. Daryl doesn’t need a motorcycle, he can run faster than it.) Abraham and Sasha will probably get closer only for Abraham to die and I think we’ve finally gotten a small answer to what happened to Glenn.

Also the walkers looked pretty cool.

Next week’s preview showed Rick and Michonne considering throwing Morgan out of Alexandria so I can only assume the Wolf gets out?


One thought on “TV Quibbles: The Walking Dead, “Always Accountable”

  1. julieuhh says:

    Great synopsis. I’m on the Glen train as well, and they’ve already shot a few episodes with Jesus so thats a good theory. I felt like the Abraham-Sasha interactions were weird and kind of forced together. plus some bad editing. Also, when will people learn to NOT hug the dead bodies. Seriously!


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