TV Quibbles: Supernatural, “Plush”

If you weren’t scared of mascots and furries before, well, this episode surely makes you rethink that.

*spoilers, of course*

Another filler episode has graced us. I’ve been hard on them for a while, but much like the “Baby” episode, I truly enjoyed this but not in the fun way.

It was creepy. The atmosphere along with the masks, that a vengeful spirit used to posses people and do his killings. Those masks made the whole episode. Sure the first one, a bunny, was creepy as hell, but it seemed to get worst from there.

Sam is still praying to God, hoping for more visions but Dean doesn’t buy it. God wasn’t around for the end of the world, what would cause him to wake up now? Sam makes a good point that the Darkness is his sister and we’ve already established this is the biggest threat the boys have ever seen. But this argument is broken up with a call by Sheriff Donna who believes a murder that happened in her town is connected to the supernatural. Of course, the boys are going to help her.


They meet the murder-bunny in a weird, thin room with a small cell on the end and the bunny just staring…blood on its face…the mask not able to come off…this thing was freaking creepy. The tension was almost relieved by the brothers “wabbit” jokes, but this rabbit is strong and almost gets the best of Dean. They figure out who the rabbit is and goes to his girlfriend who says her boyfriend changed after putting the mask on in a thrift store. In the end the rabbit is shot after attacking Donna and her co-worker Doug (who obviously has a thing for her.)


Dean and Sam burn the mask, but a new one arises in the form of a jester, who was just as creepy as the bunny. It tries to kill a gym teacher and Sam and Dean believe it’s a vengeful spirit possessing those with the costumes on. They use rock salt to get the spirit out of the jester, but now have to find out who the spirit is and why they’re sticking around.

Then comes, probably the creepiest mask of them all: the clown. So this spirit was a children’s performer…who would let their child go to a party with this freaking clown performing?


Well in what was an obviously-going-to-happen scene, Sam gets stuck in an elevator with it. Sam’s face is hilarious, but he does have to fight the clown and reveal an older man inside. He thought wearing the costume would be fun to play with his grandson. Again, who in their right minds believes this mask in a fun thing to wear?


We find out the costumes belonged to a man named Chester. They talk to his sister who claims he committed suicide, but lied to the brothers because she’s ashamed of what she did. The show took a turn when Chester was accused of child molestation and the two men (Chester ended up killing), dangled him over a bridge and ended up dropping him. The thud Chester made when hitting the bottom of the creek was sickening (good for the producers though.) Apparently his sister sucks and after the two men accused Chester, she began to have her doubts as well, basically telling them to attack her brother. Therefore, Chester became a vengeful spirit and wanted the three dead.

The costumes all get burned after one possess the son of Chester’s sister and oh happy day that episode and the creepy masks are over.


Sam and Dean tell Donna she is truly a hunter which makes her really happy. She also seems to let her guard down a little around Doug. Donna reminded us throughout the episode she doesn’t need a man around and is all for women empowerment and let’s be honest, the show freaking needs more people like that. It did feel a bit like the writers were trying to remind us they don’t treat all their women like crap, but the show has taken a big turn from what it originally was. And it was nice to see Donna again.

We end with Sam telling Dean about his visions of the cage and thinks he needs to go back in. Dean, of course, thinks that’s a suicide mission but we know Sam is going to do something.

Overall this episode truly creeped me out and I wasn’t expecting it. I mean that clown killed a man in the hospital and circus music played in the background. I’m already not a fan of clowns and that just took it to new level. I have to give Supernatural credit for making a good filler episode, again. It had an “original Supernatural” feel, much like season 1 or 2. I’m looking forward to the next episode as well because imaginary friends are becoming real and Sam’s looks like a hoot.




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