TV Quibbles: The Walking Dead, “Heads Up”

Well well well…to all you naysayers.

*spoilers, of course*

I don’t want to say I told you so because many people believed Glenn was alive, however there were many that didn’t and seem to be pissed over the fact that he survived. You all do realize this show isn’t real? The characters are going to be thrown into situations that are impossible to come back from, but that’s the point. In the middle of an apocalypse we have to have that possibility the impossible can happen.

And it was never confirmed Glenn died any way, so the moral is: don’t make assumptions until you see the bullet go through their head (Beth) or a sword cutting off most of it (Hershel.) “Well in reality he wouldn’t have survived that-” who cares? This show is fictional and I for one cried tears of joy when Glenn climbed under that dumpster.


Any way, Enid just happens to be around to help Glenn out after the walkers eventually walk away and Glenn can emerge safely. She gives him a water bottle and Glenn goes after her, wondering why she’s out of Alexandria in the first place. Enid is convinced the world is dying and they should just let it, but Glenn will never believe that. He grabs her gun and makes her go back with him. Is it too obvious to say this is foreshadowing Glenn’s life in 15+ years? His arguments with a young teenage girl while she stubbornly doesn’t listen.

Before reaching the town Glenn stops at a section of the road where they were filling up balloons during the quarry expedition. Enid starts filling a bunch up while telling Glenn she was orphaned during the apocalypse and Glenn assumes he was as well, but in the end, really doesn’t know what happened to his family. Even Chris Hardwick had to ask if there could be a possibility of Glenn reuniting with any family. Always a thought.

They reach the town, see it’s surrounded by walkers, and set the balloons free, basically telling everyone he’s alive. The sign Maggie was looking for happened.


Meanwhile in Alexandria things aren’t going so bad. Sure there are hundreds of walkers surrounding them, but they are using the time wisely. Rosita is having her own weapons class, Eugene included, and has to yell at him for a while so he starts to realize he needs to learn to fight, despite being scared. It was pretty awesome.

Rick, Michonne, and Carol interrogate Morgan. Carol saw Morgan let those five wolves go back at the massacre and Rick believes they were the same ones that attacked him in the RV. Morgan tells them all life is precious and killing shouldn’t be the answer, but Michonne doesn’t buy it. In the world they are in now it’s near impossible to not kill. Even Morgan is questioning his mantra and maybe he’ll start to break down and kill again.

However, Morgan wants to treat the wound of the wolf that he’s keeping and is asking Denise to help him. Carol sees them walking into a house and follows. In the end she finds Morgan keeping someone in a cell and demands to know who.


Rick is trying to fix parts of the walls when Deana’s son, Spencer, tries escaping using a grappling hook connected to a building not far away from the wall. Of course it’s an incredibly stupid idea and Tara almost falls over trying to help him out. Rick couldn’t give a rats ass about Spencer, but Tara doing that got him pretty emotional. And when Tara flipped him off it was amazing.


Rick saving Spencer is the beginning of small signs that the old Rick maybe coming back. Or a new Rick that will do whatever’s necessary, but can think before killing.

But this new Rick could get Carl killed. Little Porch Dick Ron is getting too invested in guns and while training with Rick and Carl, constantly gives Carl the eye. It couldn’t be more obvious what’s going to happen…until Ron steals some bullets and is following Carl around town while holding the gun. Any comic book readers know Carl will lose an eye, I never knew how, but this could be it. We can only hope Carl can defend himself long enough for it not to be fatal. Really Rick? Do you really think that kid is going to forgive you so easily after you killed his dad? (But we all know Porch Dick deserved it.)


The end of the episode is a pretty crushing one (literally.) Glenn’s balloons have been seen and Maggie is crying tears of joy (much like the rest of us) when a lookout pillar starts to tumble over. The beginning of the episode showed it cracking, but all those walkers pushing into it caused it to go down, right over the wall. And everyone was standing there, watching it go down, but could do nothing about it. The walkers are getting in.

Man that last shot broke your heart. You know shit is going to go down and the previews didn’t show much except the walkers walking into Alexandria and Rick looking on in horror. I think we can all assume someone is going to die (being that there’s a surprise cast member on the Talking Dead.) Everyone has their speculations, Abraham being a big one, but at this point the show is always throwing twists and you’re never sure.

On a different note I am so happy that Glenn is back. Hell, I even stayed up until midnight to see Steven on the Talking Dead I was so happy. I didn’t think for a second he was dead, but getting that conformation was a big weight off your shoulders. Glenn has survived everything and who would think for a second he couldn’t survive that?


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