TV Quibbles: The Walking Dead, “Start to Finish”

They dropped the N word, they dropped the N word.

*spoilers, of course*

Tip Toe Through the Tulips puts me on edge and I swear that’s how I was the entire episode. Sam, for some reason, was playing this song while isolating himself in his room to get away from the “monsters” and all the bad stuff happening outside. Unfortunately for him his safe haven is going to be brought down rather quickly.


Gene Page/AMC

We know the tower collapsed and dozens (if not hundreds) of walkers come bumbling in. Rick tries to fend some off and Deana comes to his rescue…only to get bit. Ah damn, Deana. Well, Rick, Carl, Michonne, Deana, Father Gabriel, and Ron end up back at Jessie’s house to escape the herd. Thankfully, Judith is with her. The situation could be worse. At least they have food and water and a roof over their heads…dammit Ron.

Yeah, Ron is still so pissed at Rick for killing his dad (which was pretty obvious) he wanted to kill Carl for it. He locks them in the garage and starts shooting at him, but ends up breaking the window, making noise, and drawing the walkers in. They end up crashing through the house and everyone is forced to flee the area.

Carl makes the decision to NOT tell anyone that Ron tried to kill him which I think is stupid, but Carl is being extremely mature about it which is kind of impressive. He even tells Ron, “Your dad was an asshole,” and man that almost made my night.

Deana isn’t doing so hot, seeing that she got bit (obviously.) She has some nice moments with Michonne, telling her that she was lucky she was able to do what she wanted, even while the world was going to shit, and asks her what she wants. What does Michonne want? To anyone the answer would be: survive, but not even Michonne knows the answer. Deana also tells Rick why she tried to save him. Not because he’s a good leader or can grow a damn good beard, but because he’s one of them. And now she wants him to save the rest of the town. Hopefully Deana and the Alexandrians put some humanity back in Rick cause we all know he needs it.

Deana even has this scene where Judith is crying and you see her hanging over Judith’s crib, not knowing if she turned yet, but of course she didn’t. But damn that scene…

Meanwhile the other characters are dealing with their own shit storm. Maggie had a pretty close call until she was able to get up on a tower, but the ladder did fall so she’s stuck up there for now. At least Glenn is standing outside the walls watching everything happen and gets confirmation that Maggie is alive.

Rosita, Tara, and Eugene are able to get into a house and wait around. Tara tries to bring some life back into them and they find another way out thanks to Eugene’s convenient lock picking skill.

Carol and Morgan are finally having the showdown we’ve all been waiting for. Carol finds out about the Wolf being held up and she and Morgan fight over him. They actually fight over this guy’s life! Poor Dr. Denise is crouching in the corner scared for her life while Carol and Morgan beat the shit out of each other. Morgan, in a very dick move, body slams Carol and knocks her out only for the Wolf guy to knock Morgan out.

The Wolf guy is threatening Denise when Tara, Rosita, and Eugene come in through the door that Eugene was able to unlock. He threatens Denise’s life with a knife while Rosita and Tara DEFINITELY HAVE A SHOT, but put down their weapons any way and he leaves with Denise out into the herd of walkers, probably not going to survive. Dammit Tara, you have the worst love life in the apocalypse.

Okay Morgan getting knocked out made me feel a little better after what he did to Carol.

Alright, back to the big group of characters. Rick has an idea to gut some walkers and cover everyone in the blood to mask their smell. Jessie and Ron look horrified but do it any way. Sam comes in and almost freaks out. He doesn’t want to leave, but Jessie should just slap him and tell him if he wants to stay he can. At this point, is anyone a big Sam fan?

Deana decides to take her own life when the walkers barge upstairs and head straight for her room. She gets a few shots off (finally hitting them in the head!) and screams at them as she runs out of bullets and we know what happens next. Deana went out swinging and would you expect anything different. RIP Deana.


The rest of the group is making their way out of the house through the herd and the music starts. I look at the clock and it reads 9:59.

What? The episode can’t almost be over. There’s so much that should happen!

Well Sam starts yelling out for Jessie, “Mom…mom,” and that’s it. Until February folks.

Okay that whole episode was a thrill rush. You just didn’t know what would happen, but the ending sort of caught me off guard. I was expecting something big to happen. I for one truly believed Carl’s eye was a goner or someone big was going to die, but nope.


Now Gimple did tell the Talking Dead the mid season premiere is going to be the biggest episode yet, so all that stuff we were waiting to see happen will in a few months, but damn I seriously was expecting more to happen at the very end, like how it always is.

BUT if you stayed around for Into the Badlands you would know there was a 2 minute prequel for the next episode that showed why Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham never made it back. They’re stopped by a group of bikers who want to take all their stuff and say “he” which causes Sasha to ask, “who

And finally the N word was dropped, “Your property now belongs to Negan.”

Negan has been introduced folks! Most comic book readers know that the Saviors were already on, but now this is confirmation. Negan is coming. And I’m pretty excited about the casting. John Winchester is Negan! That’s awesome.

So like I said the episode up until the last few minutes was insanely good, but I guess I set my expectation too high. Shit is going to go down in February so best be ready for that.

On a very different note: is anyone else wondering what happened to Heath?


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