Tv Quibbles: Supernatural, “Just My Imagination”

Breaking up with your imaginary friend is possibly the most painful break up you’ll ever have.

*spoilers, of course*

I remember having my imaginary best friend. Her name was “Badeen” and we did a lot together. I can’t remember what I pictured her like or if she ever “talked” back to me, but she was a big part of my life. Lots of people have imaginary friends, including Sam Winchester.


Damn this was a good episode. And not just because Richard Speight Jr directed it. We were introduced to a new species, Xana (possibly Zanna). Xana are creatures that protect children so when Sam awakes to find his old imaginary friend, Sully there, he can barely believe it. Dean can also see Sully and that’s when Sully tells them he needs their help.

Dean doesn’t see why they should bother. They save people and hung things, not save things, but within a few seconds of his introduction Sully became one of my favorite characters.


Sully and the rest of his Xana friends are in danger because someone is killing them. Sparkle, his unicorn/man friend has been murdered but of course no one but the child he was protecting can see it. Her parents are worried and Sully gives Sam and Dean the “sight” and they see Sparkle and his sparkling blood everywhere.

In a great scene the mother comes in and starts walking all over the blood and eventually gets in on her face and Sully freaks out, “She’s got Sparkle on her face!”

Then we get another murder, this time a mermaid named Niki and Sully starts to wonder if her boyfriend could been doing the killings. That is until the boyfriend, Weems, is almost killed, but his love handle saved him.

Weems doesn’t look like the typical imaginary friend, more like a wannabe rock star with acid wash jeans and a mullet, but Weems can play air guitar (literally) and almost impresses Dean.

Weems also lets Sam know he broke Sully’s heart. Throughout the episode we get flashbacks to when Sam and Sully were friends. Sam was sulking in a hotel room because he couldn’t go on hunts and wanted to run away. Sully agreed that if he didn’t want to be part of the hunting life, he should go and Sully would go with him. However, Sam gets the call that he can go on the hunt and leaves Sully high and dry. In a pretty sad scene, Sam tells Sully he doesn’t need him anymore and wishes he would go away, and he does.


While Dean goes after the killer, Sam stays with Sully and they talk it out. Sam tells him he’s sorry and Sully tells Sam he’s so proud of him. He called Sam a hero and reminded him of all the good things he’s done in the world. Sully remained strong throughout the whole episode for Sam. Their relationship seemed so natural even after all those years.

But it turns out Sully messed up. The killer is a girl who was seeking revenge for her sister’s death. Apparently Sully ran into the road and the little girl followed, getting hit by a car. It ruined Sully and he never had a child after it. Grace, the girl doing the killings, broke down, telling Sully how she met a witch who gave her the sight.

“After she died, I never needed you more,” Grace told Sully but all Sully could do is let her kill him if it would make her feel better. Dean on the other hand, gets to Grace and tells her revenge won’t make her feel better. Sully was there for Sam when Dean wasn’t and Dean finally starts to respect Sully for that. Grace gives into Dean’s speech and gives Sully a hug, forgiving him.

Not going to lie that scene was pretty emotional.

Unfortunately Sully has to leave, but not before giving Sam a talk. Did you ever notice, after these kind of episodes, someone always something that gets a brother thinking? In this case, Sam is thinking about going back to the cage. He tells Dean he wants to but Dean tells him there’s always another way. Sam asks him what that other way is, and Dean has no answer.

The episode had plenty of serious moments, but along with the very funny ones. Dean angrily tying his robe over meeting Sully, Sam and Dean in cardigans, acting as child trauma counselors. Not only that but I loved the concept of Xana’s protecting the children and being there for those who needed them the most. It makes sense Sam would need one, seeing that he was left alone many times throughout his childhood and always questioned being a hunter.


As for filler episodes go, this was a really good one. Again! I haven’t complained about much of anything this season. I’m impressed, but it’s time to get back to the main problem at hand: the Darkness.

Previews showed Sam talking to Lucifer and you know you’re in a screwed up fandom if you’re excited over the Devil returning. But I’m right there with you, I’m really excited. Then there’s Dean and Amara kissing.

Midseason finale next week! At this point I have no idea where it could go.



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