TV Quibbles: Supernatural, “O Brother Where Art Thou?”

Amara we’ve been trying to contact God for 5+ years now, scream all you want he ain’t coming.

*major spoilers, of course *

Because Amara wants her brother’s attention she’s breaking all his toys. She visits some of the most devoted to Him, asking where he is or how she can contact him. To her surprise no one alive has seen him, only those who die, and she wonders how they can just go off faith.

From striking them down in parks to sucking out souls in a church, Amara is trying her hardest to get God’s attention, even screaming for him, but he’s not answering. Hell, she even tries praying.

Meanwhile Sam is getting more visions of him and Lucifer in the cage and Lucifer creepily touches Sam on the face and why at this point would he believe God would sent him visions of that? A bush is burning so hell that must mean something and he tells Dean of this. We all know Dean is very much against this plan, but if there’s a way to talk to Lucifer while keeping Sam safe they should go for it.

They team up with Crowley (AGAIN) who is surprised to learn that God and Amara are siblings, but he thinks there could be a way to talk to Lucifer using a spell from the Book of the Damned and they need Rowena for that.

So we have Dean, Sam, Crowley, and Rowena “teaming up.” Dean goes to investigate the murder at the church and feels drawn to Amara who takes him away to an empty field to talk.


Basically her beef isn’t with anyone but her brother and she’s doing whatever she can to get his attention. She also lets us know they didn’t have a father and that with her the world would feel nothing but bliss. He is the light, and she is the dark, which I feel like has always been sort of a metaphor for Sam and Dean, sometimes switching sides, but one always being on the bad side of things.

Amara also lets Dean know that they belong together, as one, forever. When she sucks out souls they don’t die, but live within her, and that’s what she wants with Dean, but instead of sucking out his soul she kisses him…which was weird. Why would this powerful force centuries old feel the urge to kiss a regular human being? Maybe I’m just really against any sort of relationship the two could form, but why not suck out his soul?

Things are interrupted by some angels who want to take out Amara. Dean already tried that and the knife shattered. Easily enough, Amara kills them all and that seems to get God’s attention. Holy shit are we going to see God? I’ve been thinking it ever since the beginning but nope, just a big storm cloud that beams down to Amara. She sends Dean away before she’s taken away, or blown up, or whatever happened to her. Obviously she’s not dead, but I assume there’s a fight going on between the two siblings at this point.

Then there’s Sam. He promised Dean he would wait for him before going into Hell but after Dean misses a few calls he goes for it with Crowley and Rowena. They end up in a part of Hell that not even Crowley likes, “maximum security,” I believe would be the name for it. Now Sam isn’t actually going near the real cage. This is just a meeting spot for him and Lucifer to talk.

Many people wondered where Michael was, but that’s my theory. This isn’t THE cage, but a cage for Lucifer to be in so he doesn’t hurt Sam. If I’m wrong then, well I’m wrong.


Any way Rowena does the spell and the cage is ablaze. This was actually a really cool scene with all the runes lighting up and finally there he is. We’ve only seen Lucifer in Sam’s visions, but when his freaking eyes turn bright red you get chills. That right there was creepy as hell.


Lucifer doesn’t disappoint. He calls Sam “roomie” and the fear in Sam’s eyes is so real. Sam tells Lucifer about what happened and Lucifer asks, “Where’s the big burrito himself?” and Sam tells him God has sent him visions that he needs Lucifer.

It was funny to see Crowley and Rowena in the background. Rowena is drooling over Lucifer and they’re constantly bickering over trying to hear what Sam and Lucifer are saying.


Lucifer tells Sam he needs a vessel to help stop the Darkness, because apparently he did it once before, and wants it to be Sam. Sam realizes what a stupid plan this is and says no way. But for some reason the runes stop working, either the spell stopped or Lucifer did something, but in an instant Sam is in the cage and at this point everyone is freaking out.

At first Sam is calm, claiming that the vision God sent him was actually what was happening, but Lucifer finally confesses the big “twist.” When the Darkness was released his cage felt the effects and you could say a “hole” opened up. This allowed him to send visions to Sam and convince him to go to Hell and see him.

Yes, Lucifer was sending Sam the visions, not God. We were all thinking it, but because Sam truly believed it was God, I wanted to believe it too. How cruel, how deceiving, how…oh yeah this is the freaking Devil!

I think at times we all fall under Luci’s spell (I’m even calling him Luci.) He’s funny and charismatic but he is the Devil. He is evil and sometimes we forget that.

The episode ends with Sam stuck in the cage with Lucifer, again. Well, this isn’t the actual cage, but will Sam be sent back there with Lucifer? Is that when we get to see Michael? Or Adam? Is Adam even down there? There are so many questions we need answering.



Oh and there’s one more…where the hell is Cas during all this? He wasn’t even mentioned! Did the writers think we wouldn’t notice? He hasn’t been around the past few episodes and this big, mid-season finale happens, and he’s still not there. I have a theory something big is going to happen with Cas and maybe they’re holding him off until then, but at this point I have no other thought as to where he could be.

You have to feel for Sam. He’s back in the cage with the thing that tormented him for a year. I’m sure, even at this point in the series, Sam is still having nightmares or thoughts of the cage and his biggest fear has come true. He truly believed God was talking to him and that was juts a punch to the gut.

How will he get out of this? One would assume Dean and Cas, Cas has even been in the cage before. OR perhaps God will feel so bad about letting Sam have false visions he’ll take care of it himself. HA sorry I’m thinking a little too big.

As for when the show returns in January we did get a preview of…Crowley in a onesie receiving a Sam Pop Vinyl while Rowena is dressed up and Lucifer knocks on the door and yells Merry Christmas….and do you know what the worst part about that is? I can’t tell if it’s part of the show or not! Is it just a gag for the fans before the holidays or is it a legit scene from the episode? At this point I have no idea.


But all in all I enjoyed this episode. There’s plenty of questions needing answers that will hopefully be answered in the new year. In the meantime, to anyone that reads my Supernatural posts, Happy Holidays!



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