TV Quibbles: Teen Wolf, “The Last Chimera”

Lydia can crush a man’s skull with her voice if she has the proper training…why haven’t we dove into something awesome like that?


*spoilers, of course*

Well before we can get to that Lydia has to escape Eichen House and it seems like she never can. Holes are literally being drilled into her head to unlock more of her power, but she’s now in a comatose state because of it. We get a flashback to the night Theo’s sister drowned, but as we all know, Theo lies.

When Theo was ten the Dread Doctors wanted to turn him into a Chimera, but he needed a heart and whose heart did he get? His sister’s. Yeah, Theo killed his sister by ripping out her heart. You know it’s going to be that kind of episode when it starts with that.

Meanwhile Sheriff Stilinkski isn’t looking too good. Stiles is breaking down from everything that’s happened. Scott is still recovering from dying and Parrish wants to find Lydia after she sends him a message while he dreams of being in the shower with her (I think they just need to pork when all this stuff settles down.)

Parrish does find Lydia, in the woods, almost frozen to death and how does she get there? Did the people at Eichen House leave her there? Did she escape somehow? No idea, but he takes her to the hospital where her mom is mad at all her friends for getting Lydia involved with all this supernatural crap (does she not know what Lydia is yet?)

Stiles is pretty pissed at Scott for not being there for his dad, which did get a bit frustrating. I get that Scott never believed him and he should be pissed about that, but Scott literally died, and Stiles doesn’t seem to care. Eventually Scott gets to Stiles and tells him they need to work together to figure out what happened to his dad and how they can save him from whatever is killing him.

Stiles and Scott leave while Lydia’s mom signs a paper to get Lydia BACK IN EICHEN HOUSE. Can we please just save Lydia? Parrish tries to get to her mom, but she won’t listen, and he vows he’ll save her even if he has to break down the walls.

Okay, so the people at Eichen House convinced her mom to let her back in, so why did you let her go in the first place, if you did let her go? Because I can’t believe Lydia walked out on her own. And if she did, well, this blows either way.

Stiles meets with Theo and he tries to convince us he’s not the bad guy and I can’t really tell at this point. He does say something bad is coming and wants to be ready for it. Out of that whole conversation we got that Theo never attacked Papa Stilinksi and now they have to find another Chimera.

Malia joins Scott and Stiles, they find the Chimera, only to be attacked by the Doctors. Stiles gets out but Scott and Malia are left to fight them (with Scott still kind of half dead) when wouldn’t you know it? Mother effing Chris Argent shows up guns loaded and helps them escape. Apparently Scott was smart enough to call someone who can actually help with this crap.

I wonder what he’s doing…

Oh wait…what about Liam? I’m not going to lie when I say his storyline this season isn’t my favorite. I’m not into his two day romance with Hayden and how that’s all he’s freaking thinking about anymore. He has some flashbacks of him and Scott fighting, but yeah, worry about your dead girlfriend. You tried to kill your Alpha, but whatever.

So Liam thinks Hayden’s still alive and decides to go to the Nemeton to find her. He and Mason find some dead bodies, but not all of them. At that moment the freaking cops show up with Hayden there who was apparently the one who tipped them off and Liam has a dazed and confused look on his face. I like Mason, he’s the only one who makes Liam use any common sense, but it’s hilarious they’re probably going to jail.

In the end they find out a bone marrow bone is poisoning Stilinski and are able to save him by getting it out. I did cry tears of joy knowing he’ll be alright. Stiles and his father’s relationship is one of my favorite on the show (and who doesn’t like Papa Stilinski?)

Oh wait the episode is still going…this one seemed especially long.

Theo is looking for the last, new Chimera with Hayden but they suspect the Doctor’s found him already (which they did) but they find something else. A symbol created by a Alpha letting everyone know he will reunite his pack, and at this moment Theo realizes Scott is alive.


But we’re not over yet! Theo and his gang break into Eichen House to find Lydia. They see the torture Lydia went through and Theo says a line that pretty much sums up everyone’s feelings towards this place:


Any way they let us know they aren’t there for Lydia but for a Hellhound and at that moment who shows up with claws and teeth and fire? Parrish. He’s ripping apart the place to get to Lydia (which he did say he would do) and Theo looks a bit worried, but thank god someone is there to get Lydia.

Okay! The episode is over. Overall, I enjoyed it. I wonder how long this fight between Stiles and Scott will last. Apparently Dylan O’Brien isn’t coming back after this season (or was that a rumor) but could that mean a potential death for Stiles when this is all over? Maybe they never make up and Scott has to live with that forever.

Also, why did the Dread Doctors choose Theo at such a young age? Is Theo even supposed to be the bad guy? Or an anti-villain? He killed Scott but he clearly wants to stop the Dread Doctors. And why does he want Parrish so bad?

Oh and where’s Kira?





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