TV Quibbles: Teen Wolf, “Damnatio Memoriae”

The Beast of Gévaudan is here.


Last week ended with Parrish breaking into Eichen House while Theo and his group wanting to break Lydia out. Did that really happen? Is it going to happen? Was it mentioned and I just wasn’t listening well enough? Maybe we’ll get that answer another time.

Any way, this week we were introduced to a new monster that most of our characters believed to be a chimera on steroids. It’s huge, CG, and a big threat to Beacon Hills.


Hayden and her sister stumble upon an abandoned, idling truck next to a power station. Thinking something’s up, Hayden’s sister goes down to investigate herself. She spots the dying man and out of the mist comes a huge-ass wolf that we’ve already seen in that painting the Dread Doctors destroyed a wall to get to.

And who just happens to be there when the monster comes out of the building? Creepy-Liam who must be following Hayden around.  I guess no one thought it was suspicious he and Mason were standing around the dead bodies last week.

Sheriff Stilinski is up and walking around through the morgue and Stiles finally tells his father what happened with Donovan. Of course his father tells him it was self-defense but Stiles believes he wanted to kill Donovan. The Sheriff then tells him there’s a difference between wanting to kill someone and murder. However, Stiles feels like he lost something after that and his father tells him he may never get it back, but you move on by doing good and forgiving…which is a hint for Stiles to go talk to Scott, seriously dude.


Scott is still not healing from his wound and Stiles tells him he needs Scott’s help. You see, because Stiles is so good, he found something in the footage from the power station that people keep missing. Two people go in, but three come out. Where did that big wolf-monster come from? How did it get in there? Well Stiles believes there’s another way in and he and Scott find it. Scott has a hard time lifting the metal box covering the hole. I don’t know if that was supposed to mean this thing is super strong or Scott is having a hard time healing and is losing some power. They go down to investigate and who’s down there? Theo’s gang.


Theo isn’t being the greatest pack leader. He’s constantly threatening them, especially Hayden who is secretly hanging out with Liam. He even threatened Cory who asked Mason out. Tracy ended up killing her father who is still in the hospital and Scott’s group realizes almost everyone was brought back.

Liam is still feeling like shit after almost killing Scott, maybe he realizes he shouldn’t put a damn girl over his alpha, but when they start making out in front of the vet office while Liam is looking for Scott so I guess that search is over. At least we know Liam is thinking about Scott.

Scott ends up going to Malia who hasn’t been around much. He doesn’t know what he did but Malia says it’s something personal and sends him away, but we learn what is really going on.

She and Braeden are torturing a spy, trying to get information about The Desert Wolf. In the end they bribe him with money and tells them she is by the Canadian border, trying to avoid being seen on camera, because she also has someone with her: Deaton.

Back to Scott and Stiles vs Theo’s group. Theo tried sending his minions after Scott, but couldn’t handle fighting an alpha. Theo doesn’t really want to fight any way. He tells Scott they’re on the same side now that the Dread Doctors have a new monster that will kill everyone.

Stiles and Scott realize the monster isn’t a chimera, but an old creature that the Dread Doctors resurrected. Why? Who freaking knows.

But we do get some scenes with characters we haven’t seen much of.

Lydia is having an out-of-body experience and stumbles into a bathroom when, wouldn’t you know it, Meredith comes crawling out of the tub. I have no idea why we had that reveal to her. Any way, Meredith wants to help Lydia escape and wants to teach her how to use her voice as a weapon which is beyond exciting to me. Lydia has never felt that she can do more for the group since she can only predict death but now she can be badass with her own voice and I can’t wait to see this.

Chris Argent has a flower that he takes to his father, who is still in a wheelchair snotting out that weird goo. The flower has healing abilities and revives him. Apparently he knows about the Dread Doctors and we need his help. Apparently everyone is coming together this time around: villains and heroes.

Finally we have Kira. Holy shit Kira! She and her mom seem to be in a desert somewhere, trying to get the attention of Skinwalkers. They come out of the ground and are ready to fight Kira. This must be some kind of training montage that will help Kira control the fox inside of her.


Holy shit this felt like Shadowhunters. So much happened this week and I think too much is happening with too many characters. I’m not going to lie I had to look up the names of most of Theo’s group because I can’t remember them all. It’s like, every character is coming back in some way to help the group out. This must be a serious threat of Meredith came back to help Lydia and Argent is recruiting his dad.

There are still plenty of questions. Why did the Dread Doctors create chimeras if they just wanted to resurrect a monster?  What happened last week, was it a flash forward or did Theo’s group just leave with Parrish? I wish that was explained clearer.

But this season has been entertaining, even though all over the place, but I am curious to see how all this plays out. It will be interesting seeing everyone come together, especially Theo’s group and crazy Theo who I can’t decide if we should trust or not.



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