TV Quibbles: Shadowhunters, “The Descent Into Hell is Easy”

Shadowhunters: looking better in black than the widows of their enemies.

*spoilers, of course*

We start the episode right where we left off: Clary caught between Jace and Simon. Oh the love triangle (at least it really only lasts one book.) She easily chooses Jace because what the hell is Simon going to do?

Jace is able to reveal the Shadow World to Simon and the explaining starts. Izzy comes in and Simon’s first reaction to her is pretty equal to the book. She’s gorgeous and he’s a dork. At first Izzy is pretty flirty around him while also building up Jace’s perfect status to make him jealous. But I did love the scene where she cooked for him.

Jace introduces Clary to Hodge and holy mother that’s Hodge? I pictured him more as a librarian type in a suit and glasses but this guy is ripped and fighting. I guess that makes sense he is a Shadowhunter, but that’s not how I pictured him (not that I’m complaining.)

We’re told Hodge can’t leave the Institute as penance for being part of the Circle. However he also can’t talk about it or a rune gives him pain. He tells Clary more about it any way, revealing Jocelyn was part of it as well. Then we learn the mortal cup can create new Shadowhunters or control demons, depending on who has the cup.

Meanwhile Luke is cleaning up after Jocelyn’s fire, making sure no one can track Clary. Dot is alive and running (I for sure thought she snapped her neck) and Luke says he can’t trust anyone anymore.

Clary’s necklace is able to let her know where Dot is and she sees her at the Pandemonium, and she was there, until she found Magnus sending away Warlocks. Apparently Valentine is looking for the Warlock that gave Jocelyn the sleeping potion and Magnus doesn’t want to be apart of it. Circle members find Dot and take her to Valentine and Clary is too late.

Jace is very into helping Clary find her mom. He knows what it feels like to lose your family (i.e. losing his dad) and he feels he and Clary can connect that way. Alec is so not for this and is constantly talking about breaking rules, but even Izzy is on Clary’s side. I love Alec’s interactions with Simon because he really doesn’t want him there.


Valentine is torturing Dot for information but she is able to break out briefly before one of Valentine’s henchmen try to attack her. She stabs him with a vile filled with blood and who knows what that does, but it looks like Valentine axed off Dot. There were two scenes in this episode that showed seraph blades hovering above her, but whether she’s really dead, who knows.

Any way Clary, Jace, Alec, Izzy, and Simon go to the City of Bones, but only Jace and Clary go in. Simon is watched over by Alec and Izzy, which allows for more funny interactions with Alec and Simon. It’s funny Alec is joking on Simon more than Jace and it should be the other way around. Jace has his snarky moments but I wish we’d see more. Jace isn’t completely emotionless, he just uses humor to cover up any actual feelings.

Clary meets the Silent Brothers (who look pretty good, can’t really screw them up) and stands under the “Soul Sword” AKA the Mortal Sword to get her memories. Clary only sees one memory, her mother revealing Valentine is her father. I wonder why that memory was erased. Clary was pretending to sleep so Jocelyn didn’t know Clary heard. Did something happen after that and Clary’s memory was erased and that one was too? Whatever, we needed that big reveal.



Clary freaks out and runs away and am I the only one seeing the pattern of Clary running away from stressful situations?

Meanwhile Simon is showing Izzy some of his music when she hears something. By the time she gets back to Simon he’s gone and Clary is pissed when she finds out. So who took Simon? Well it’s dramatic Raphael. He wants the cup and will not harm Simon if they can give it to him. How the hell did he even find out about that?


So during all this Luke is questioning people, looking for Clary. He claims he’ll be able to find her and since they’re going to rescue Simon, I’m assuming he’ll show up at the hotel with the rest of the wolves to help them out.

The second episode was much better, in my opinion. Things were slowed down and we got to see more of the characters personality but at the moment Alec is only grumpy (well I guess that’s how he was for a while in the books.) I’m looking forward to seeing more of Magnus because Harry Chum Jr is doing pretty good with him so far. It’ll be nice to see Alec soften up a bit too.

Izzy’s interactions around Simon were hilarious. You could tell she was making him uncomfortable on purpose but it really seems like she has an interest in him. She asked him what he wants to do with his life and wanted to listen to his music. At times she holds his hand or puts her arm through his. Sizzy is happening.

Clary was more concerned about Simon than herself at times. It’s nice to know she cares, I just wish there was more to Clary. She’s determined to find her mom, she cares about the people she loves, sometime she can be a bit rebellious and not really care about the rules, but I wish she wasn’t as confident. I wish there was more bickering between her and Jace. I think that’s really missing.

I always liked Luke and I’m glad we get more scenes with him.

It’s only the second episode, the actors are still getting into character, but I’m curious to see where it goes. The changes haven’t bothered me that much but hopefully nothing too big happens that will piss me off (as in I hope they don’t turn Simon into a vampire this season.)



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