TV Quibbles: Teen Wolf, “The Sword and the Spirit”

Two badass girl fights, friends reunited, this is what I like to see.


With so much going on anymore I’m going to be splitting up the episodes into sections.

Team One

The episode starts with Chris and Gerard combing through the tunnels. Gerard tells us about the myth of the Beast and that his grandfather once told him that the Beast is more like half real, half spirit, rather than a regular being. Either way, they find a pit where 23 bodies are lying which are eventually sent to the hospital.

Scott and Liam end up in the tunnels after a tip from Malia where they find the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets!  No, it just reveals a door where Chris and Gerard are hiding behind. Scott and Gerard have a reunion of sorts and Chris shows them the painting on the wall of the Beast and a Hellhound. A part of the painting we never saw was beneath them and a lot of dead bodies.

Because we happen to know a Hellhound, Parrish ends up meeting with Gerard and Chris. He recalls his time in Afghanistan. Apparently he tried disarming a bomb but it ended up exploding and he survived the fallout. Up to this point Parrish never knew what he was, until Gerard put a flame to his face and his fangs came out. Well, now Parrish knows.

It was nice to see Scott and Liam together again. Liam confesses he feels that just saying sorry wouldn’t be enough and he wants to do more to show Scott. I like these episodes when the relationship stuff is put to the side and we just have people working together. I don’t find Liam nearly as annoying when he’s not hanging out with Hayden.

Team Two

Theo somehow got Malia to trust him. He tells her he can help find her mom, but she has to use some torture device that can harness in on the frequency of another were-coyote. After dealing with the pain Malia is able to find her mom, who happens to be in Beacon Hills already.

Braeden finds Theo to be seriously untrustworthy but the three go in and way, but big shocker…Theo was working with the Desert Wolf! Deaton is tied up and Malia and Braeden want to get to him, but the D.W. wants to get Malia’s power…because I’m going to assume when she was born, Malia took her mother’s power so she doesn’t have the abilities she used to have.

The fight is interrupted when a loud scream breaks the lights. And out of nowhere the Beast comes out of the walls, sending everyone scrambling, but thankfully Deaton was saved. And he and Scott have a nice reunion that I was glad to see.


Photo: MTV

The Scream 

Lydia is still taking lessons with Meredith. Meredith tells Lydia to use her hands to guide her voice. She also gives us a story of when she first discovered the damage her voice can do and it happened to be while she was in class. She locks “out of body” Lydia in a room and she can only get out by breaking the glass.

Lydia sees a vision of Malia’s death by her mother and soon hears the fight happening, which causes her to use her voice and send it to the fight somehow to break it up.

At this point it was awesome because you had Lydia fighting the Eichen House staff and Malia fighting her mom. The fight we saw at the beginning of the season, this is what we’re seeing now. And we know she wasn’t able to escape.

The Sword 

Kira had a brief moment in the episode with her father. He tells her she doesn’t need the sword to fight and proceeds to destroy it. Am I the only one confused by Kira? She’s a Kitsune, we’ve seen her control electricity…why doesn’t she do that more often?

The Spirit

Stiles seemed to get on Lydia’s mom’s good side long enough to be allowed inside Eichen House to see her. In a sweet moment he tells her she needs to wake up but also finds a part of her head shaved. He freaks out on her mom, but she sends him away. How the hell she knows nothing about what’s going on I have no idea.

Pack #1 

Scott, Stiles, Kira, Malia, and Liam are standing around a table with plans to Eichen House and Scott lets us know next week, we’re getting Lydia out.

Pack #2

So Theo’s pack isn’t having a good time because who did they find? Deucalion! He too knows about the Beast and Theo wants to steal its power…yeah good luck with that Theo. We know Deucalion won’t do it out of the goodness of his heart so in return, he wants Scott’s eyes on his claws.


Photo: MTV


This week’s episode showed us a lot and we got more answers…only to get more questions. It looks like Parrish is going to have a show down with the Beast (whether it’ll be Theo…who knows.) Lydia seems to have a grasp on her voice, but I’m so glad to see the Pack going in to save her. Her mom on the other hand just pissed me off.

And just when you think you can trust Theo…why do we fall for it every week?



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