TV Quibbles: Supernatural, “Into the Mystic”

He’s here to save you all: Lucifer Ex-machina


An enjoyable monster of the week (MOTW) episode. It starts with a couple and their new baby being attacked by a monster only the husband can hear. Before going after the baby the mom does a spell and gets rid of it only before dying.

Cut 30 years later and a man has been slain in his locked room in a retirement home. Only being fifteen minutes away from the bunker, Dean and Sam decide to go check it out.

Throughout the episode Sam tells Dean that he’s not doing so good after his confrontation with Lucifer but doesn’t want to go into any detail about it. Hey, at least he told Dean he’s not doing alright instead of ignoring it and leaving it for a few more episodes. Meanwhile Dean starts thinking about the future and their retirement (since they are investigating a retirement home.) Sam doesn’t think they’re going to last that long, but Dean’s feelings must be changing because he’s surely thinking about the future.

Of course they think it’s one thing (a vengeful spirit) but it turns out another person ended up being killed. One woman, Mildred, happened to see the murder happen. Sam and Dean end up telling her about the monster world and Mildred is relieved to know she isn’t crazy, especially after seeing a ghost many years ago.

Sam also starts questioning a maid, Marlene, who happens to be deaf. Sam lets us know he was learning sign language in school but never got that far. At first the scene seemed to go nowhere until we see “Marlene” watching the brothers and reading their lips.

So what is the monster this week? A molevolent banshee. Apparently these are the dick ones, who use their screams to drive a person to kill themselves and then feed on their insides. The only thing that can kill one is a golden blade, and being so close to the bunker, Dean goes to get one while Sam stays at the home. We find out they only feed on those vulnerable and immediately think it could be Mildred but I seriously thought it was going to be Sam, especially since he’s still not really over his confrontation with Lucy.

Sam starts trailing “Marlene” and she turns out to be a hunter named Eileen, also the granddaughter of Mildred. She was the baby in the beginning of the episode and lost her hearing after the banshee tried killing her. She was raised by a hunter but it also turns out, her grandfather was a Man of Letters. What a coincidence. Throughout the episode you could see her and Sam growing a connection: from her thinking about being a lawyer like her mom to their grandparents and her own trust issues with other hunters.

While Dean’s at the bunker he runs into Casifer. Casifer just happened to kill another angel earlier and was talking about how much he missed of the things earth has to offer (plants being one of them.) Now he’s at the bunker looking for information on the darkness. Dean can tell there’s something up with him, but ignores it, and proceeds to tell him that he has a connection with Amara. Lucifer is trying to do a good Cas impression and I just wish Dean could see through it!

Dean ends up back at the retirement home and has a moment with Mildred, who has already shown her affection towards Dean. They watch a sunset and she tells him what the secret is to a happy, long life: following your heart. Usually it’s Sam trying to get out of the hunter life but Dean seems to be thinking about it more. Maybe he wants to travel (like he doesn’t do that) or find a different occupation.

Any way, this makes Dean vulnerable and the banshee attacks him. Mildred and Eileen capture and kill the banshee and everything is alright. No one got hurt, yay.


Photo: The CW Network

Sam and Dean say their goodbyes and Dean tells Mildred he may come back, but Mildred said she wouldn’t try the moves on Dean because she can tell he has feelings for someone else. Ugh, seriously? Dean, why…

Back at the bunker Sam tells Dean he still feels bad for not looking for him in Purgatory and Dean tells him, “it’s in the past,” yes now let’s leave that go. But Sam thinks it’s weird the banshee attacked Dean and Dean comes up with an excuse for it defending itself, even though we all know Dean opened up to Mildred. And again, we have one brother hiding something from the other.

Why not just tell Sam? He’s not going to hate you for it. Telling him now would make the situation so much easier, but why should you do that? Hide the feelings for the next few episodes until something happens and Sam sees the truth. I’m sure Casifer is going to use Dean to lure Amara out of the shadows since we know she wants to be with him forever.

In all, this was a pretty good episode. Being one who gets tired of the MOTW episodes, I thought its was enjoyable. It was funny, an easy kill, and we got to meet a new hunter that will hopefully show up again.

But do we really need another season of one brother not telling the other something pretty important that will come into play later?





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