Book Quibbles: Carry On

Simon Snow is the worst chosen one who’s ever been chosen.

That’s what his roommate, Baz, says. And Baz might be evil and a vampire and a complete git, but he’s probably right.

So for some reason WordPress wasn’t working for me the first time and didn’t save my original post. I feel this may be a bit less enticing.

Any way, another late night review and not falling asleep until I get this out since the book kept me up.

Simon Snow is a fictional universe created in the world of Fangirl. It’s their version of Harry Potter (except Harry Potter also exists in that world, which makes no sense.) Everyone obsesses over it and Carry On is fan fiction of the last book in the series that was coming out towards the end of Fangirl. And since this is the last book, there is a lot of exposition telling you what has happened up until that point.

Simon Snow is Harry Potter. From the main character being the chosen one to the side characters and the school, there is too much in common. For a while I didn’t want to read past the first few chapters because I was just thinking (and ranting to a few people): “How could this even get published?”

But…I soon forgot about that. Simon Snow turned into it’s own story after the exposition start. In Fangirl, Cath was writing her own version of the last book in the Simon Snow series. And in my opinion, I prefer hers. I don’t care what the “real book” said. I don’t care what happened to the characters. This is the Simon Snow story I know.

I’m such a sucker for the relationships that start out as hatred and turn into something more, which is what happened between Simon and Baz (if that wasn’t obvious enough) but how they get there is fun. The tension between them just grows and grows until it has to be broken. Just imagine your favorite non-canon relationship in a book/TV show/movie finally getting together. Yeah, it’s incredibly satisfying. I didn’t even read the previous book and I wanted to see them get together just after their first interaction together.

I also liked Simon and his relationship with his best friend, Penny. Penny would go to the end of the earth for Simon, even kill for him. She’s smart (and kind of reminds me of Hermione) and gets shit done. She looks out for Simon’s best interest and would never let him go into battle alone.

The book isn’t perfect though. Aside from the exposition and being related to Harry Potter, I didn’t like how the story changed from character to character. I assumed Simon would be telling the whole story but then we got a character we didn’t even know until later in the story. I didn’t mind Baz’s storytelling. If it was those two I would have enjoyed it more.

Another little tidbit, there is swearing, for any of you who mind that sort of thing.

Overall I recommend this book, unless you have something against fan fiction (which is basically what it is even though this is the only published Simon Snow story.) It gives you what you want, but that’s how fan fiction can be. Forget about the hell going on in the story and read another version of it that makes you happy. Where the characters turn out happy and can be with the right person.

I even enjoyed the ending that had a pretty interesting twist.

And can I say, I became a huge Simon x Baz fan. I understand why Cath wrote them together. I couldn’t imagine a scenario where they weren’t together.

I understand Cath’s passion towards this story much better than I originally did. In a sense, I sort of recommend you read this before Fangirl. Then you can care about Simon Snow when he’s brought up.

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